What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Medical Treatment Visa Australia?

December 3, 2020    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Medical Treatment Visa Australia?

Are you ailing with a particular condition and want to visit Australia for a medical treatment? If your reply is yes, then to apply for a medical treatment visa 602 must be your choice. An Australian medical treatment visa lets patients to travel to Australia for availing a medical consultation or medical treatment effectively. However, not every medical treatment visa in Australia is meant for you. Get in touch with the top Migration Lawyers Perth to get the best assistance in this matter. To apply for your medical treatment visa in Australia, make sure you’ve met the relevant criteria effectively.

An Introduction To The Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa

The Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa has been designed for patients of two different categories. Firstly, patients who want to undergo a certain treatment in Australia can apply for this visa. Secondly, who want to see an Australian doctor for a specialized medical consultation can apply for this visa as well. You can also apply for this visa if you’re donating an organ in Australia. Alternatively, if you wish to support someone during their medical treatment in Australia, then an application lodgment is permitted too.

Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa: A Temporary Visa

The Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa is completely a temporary visa. To apply for this visa, you must be 50 years old or older than that. Besides, you can be either inside or outside of Australia while applying for your visa subclass 602. You can stay in Australia with this visa as long as your treatment procedure or consultation session continues.

Required Documents For The Medical Treatment Visa 602

There are certain documents which you need to submit pertaining to your medical treatment visa 602. If you are unaware of these documents, then to contact the top Migration Lawyer Perth must be your choice. Before that it’s better to become aware of the basic credentials which you must submit unfailingly. A comprehensive checklist of these documents can be considered below.

  • A valid Form 48ME
  • Substantial documents which will prove your actual identity
  • Concrete documents which will prove your existing financial condition
  • Substantial documents which will prove that you’re a person of a good moral character
  • Substantial documents which provide all the crucial details of your medical treatment or medical consultation.
  • VFS witnessed or notarized copy of all the pages of your existing passport. These must include the back page, bio-data page and alterations page of your passport. You must bring your passport to the VFS Global office while applying for your visa to substantiate the validity of the document. In case, you’ve used some passports before, then do include their essential pages as well. These again include the copies of the back page, alterations page and bio-data page of those passports. Besides, don’t miss out on including all the used pages of your erstwhile passport.
  • Last but not the least, two of your recent passport sized photos (45mmX35mm) for each person included in your application.

Remember that your photographs should be clicked against a plain background comprised only of your shoulders and head. Besides, you need to print the name of each applicant on the back of the photographs.

Documents For Children Who Are Below 18 Years

Children who are under 18 years should provide a notarized ‘no objection certificate’. It should be procured from any of the parents who are not accompanying the child. The no objection certificate will prove that the child’s travel to Australia is valid with the copies of the parents’ passports. Children who are staying or traveling with non-relatives must provide some crucial bits of information including:

  • Date o f birth of the person with whom the child will travel or stay
  • Nationality of the person with whom the child will stay or travel and
  • The full name of the person with whom the child will stay or travel

An Undertaking declaration form 1257 will be required in this matter. The person has to sign a declaration support who will take care of that child in Australia. So, the best way to do this is by optimizing form 1257 in a proper manner. Besides, form no. 1229 is an approval form to grant an under 18 child an Australian visa.

Crucial Medical Documents Required

Certain essential medical documents are required if you’re donating an organ or seeking a medical treatment in Australia. A complete checklist of these documents can be considered below.

  • A letter from the hospital or treating doctor stating they are absolutely gratified with your payment arrangements.
  • Proofs of enough funds to support yourself or anyone else who is accompanying you when you’re staying in Australia. These documents must include letter from any Australian who will support you during your entire stay in the country.
  • A letter stating about the payment arrangements if you’re getting treated at a public hospital. This letter of arrangement must ascertain that no Australian should get inadequate medical services in Australia due to your treatment. Besides, this letter must be obtained from the administration department or financial officer of that particular public hospital.

Remember, aside these documents another crucial medical document is required concerning your Australian medical treatment. This includes a letter from your treating doctor specifying your health condition and the treatment required. Aside, the approximate cost and duration of the treatment should also be mentioned in that letter unfailingly.

How To Apply For The Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602?

So, are you also pondering over obtaining the medical treatment visa 602? If your reply is yes, then contact the top medical treatment visa lawyers in Perth right now. Besides, you must ascertain the following things unfailingly.

  • You must be the holder of a passport of an eligible nation
  • Apply for your medical treatment visa
  • Await a confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • The DoHA will straightaway inform you about your visa application’s outcome and not while the application is being processed.
  • Once your application is granted, provide your crucial biometrics including your fingerprints and photographs.
  • Finally, undergo the pertinent health test to prove that your health condition is not hazardous to the Australian community.

So, to get unrivalled legal help in this matter, hire the best migration lawyers in Perth today!

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