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Investor Visa:

Australia being one of the most progressive countries and due to the most stable and secure economies in the world attracts a lot of investors from across the globe. Hence the successful business persons, people with strong net worth or venture funding firms can apply for Investor Visa Perth, Western Australia if they intend to invest in Australian.

To get the Investor Visa grant the applicants need to demonstrate adequate proof of owning and running a business in Australia for at least two years. This visa allows the individual to work, study and live indefinitely in Australia.

Categories of Investor visa:

Investor Visa Subclass 891

The individuals who have lived in Australia on Provisional Subclass 162 Visa can apply for Investor Visa 891. This visa grants permission to the holders to live indefinitely in Australia. You must fulfill the business requirements such as AUD $1.5 million investment in the business for past four years along with appropriate character and health certificate.

Once you receive this visa grant you can travel out of Australia and come back any number of times.

State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa Subclass 893

Applicants who have lived in Australia on Provisional Subclass 165 Visa for at least 2 years and secured sponsorship from the state or territory government agency can apply for Investor Visa Subclass 893. To get this visa grant the applicants must prove the genuine commitment to run a business in Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 188 (Provisional)

Individuals who wish to run a business in Australia, indulge in Investment activities can apply for Visa Subclass 188. In order to get the visa confirmation, the applicant must be nominated and invited the state or territory authority. If you wish to apply for this visa you must fulfill business requirements such as investment amount as per visa stream along with health and character certificates.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 888 (Permanent)

The individuals living in Australia on Subclass 444 or 188 visa and have secured nomination by the state or government agency can apply for the Investment Visa 888. The applicants must supply evidence of their entrepreneurial activities and subsequent investment amount. You will be eligible to apply for this visa if you meet health and character requirements.

Know How Migration Lawyer Perth can help you on investor visa related issues?

Our best migration lawyers in Perth WA will analyse your current business situation and will help you choose the right Investor Visa category as per your circumstances. If you are economically sound to own or operate a business in Australia and you are planning to apply for Investor Visa in Perth, Australia then visit one of our offices or you can even contact us visa phone or email.

Finest visa lawyers at Migration Lawyer Perth will assist you at each step of the immigration process and help you complete all the relevant documents to make the procurement smooth and stress-free. Give us a call or drop a message to get in touch with us. We will get back to you shortly.

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