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All About Business Visa Perth:

Business Visa Perth, Australia is available for the applicants who are not an Australian permanent resident or citizen and wish to start a new or run an existing business in Australia. The holder of this visa is entitled to live and work in Australia permanently (if eligible).

There are various options available under Business Visa for the immigrants with a business purpose such as Business Owner, Business Talent, and State/Territory Sponsored Visa. Additionally, these visas have different streams. If you wish to apply for any of these visas you are required to meet all the basic business requirements along with the health and character certificate.

The Business Visa Perth WA grants the permission to holders to move out of Australia and come back any number of times and sponsor the family members for Australian permanent residence if eligible.

Categories of Business visas:

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

The individuals who have stayed in Australia on any of the Subclass 160-165 visa for minimum one year in the past 24 months are applicable for Business Owner visa subclass 890. It is a permanent visa and available to run an existing business in Australia.

The holders of this visa can move out of Australia and come back any number of times for a duration of 5 years. To gain 890 Business Visa approval the applicants must be able to provide the evidence of experience of running business.

State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 892

This is a permanent resident visa for the applicants have managed to gain sponsorship from a state or territory government agency to run an existing business in Australia. The Visa Subclass 892 grants permission to live in Australia for duration of five years.

You must meet the provisional visa conditions along with the other business, health and character requirements if you wish to apply for Business Visa 892.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa Subclass 132

Business Subclass 132 Visa is a permanent resident visa which permits the holders to start a new business or grow their existing business in Australia. The applicants of this visa are required to present the minimum net worth, assets and annual turnover or capital funding to get the visa grant.

132 Business Visa applicants must be nominated by the State or territory government and fulfill all the other basic requirements of the category.

How Migration Lawyer Perth can help you on Business Visa matters?

Our qualified and experienced migration lawyers will evaluate your personal circumstances to identify the right Business Visa option as per your needs. They will give you the breakdown of the best possible solutions. In the current competitive market, a lot of business aspires with an intend to run a business in Australia apply for this visa. Our job will be to present a clear picture of your eligibility and lodge an application with complete documents to the Department of Home Affairs.

Get in touch with Migration Lawyers Perth if you also aspire to run a business in Perth, Western Australia and want to apply for Business Visa. We will handle all your migration related responsibilities and help you acquire the visa approval. You can contact us visa phone or email for more information on the business visas.

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