Various reasons contribute to the cancellation of your substantive visa such as breach of visa conditions, job termination in subject to employer sponsored visa, end of relationship in case of partner visa and many more. For any particular visa if you provide incorrect information or the Department of Home Affairs finds that the information provided is not genuine (false or misleading) than they held the complete rights to cancel or refuse your visa.

Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations Appeals can be better explained by classifying it into three sections—Refusals, Cancellations and Appeals.

Refusals: It is refusal of visa application when Australian immigration authority rejects your visa on certain grounds such as you were unable to submit a complete visa file with all the relevant documents needed or you stated misleading information in the form.

Cancellation: When you are in Australia, living on a substantive visa and breach your visa laws than in that case Department of Home Affairs cancels your visa and gives you a certain time limit to leave the country.

Appeals: If your visa gets cancelled or visa application gets refused by the Department of Home Affairs, you can legally consult an expert for Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. However, there is certain time limit to appeal against the decision.

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Our lawyers will advise you on the best course of action to get the decision be reversed in your favor. Firstly, they will read your case thoroughly to identify the errors you made previously, then will prepare the submission by collecting proper evidence from you. This assessment will help us understand the Australian Visa Refusal Reasons and make you ready for the review and hearing day. Your designated lawyer will also accompany you to the courts on the day.

We have dealt with the number of visa refusal matters and have helped people in a range of visa streams such as Family visa, Business visa, Employer Sponsored visa, Partner visa, Student visa and Skilled visas.