Know How To Get Immediate Health Visa For Australia

October 8, 2021    Migration Lawyer Perth
Know How To Get Immediate Health Visa For Australia

The Australian Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 is a temporary visa granted to international immigrants who intend to come to or remain for an extended period in Australia for a medical treatment purpose. You will also get this visa if you want to support a relative or a family member seeking medical treatment who already has or applied for this visa.

People coming to Australia for organ donation surgery can also apply for this visa. Australian medical care is one of the best in the world, and hence, many applications are submitted for this visa each year. If you’re such a person, go through this blog on how to get this visa without difficulties.

Meet The Specific Eligibility Requirements For This Visa

The foremost necessity of getting an Australian visa is to meet the eligibility criteria, which we provide here.

See If You Are In One Of These Situations

Being in any one of these situations is the primary requirement.

  • You need medical consultation or treatment in Australia.
  • You will be donating an organ to someone in Australia.
  • You will be providing support to an organ donor or a patient who has applied for or holds this visa.
  • You will receive an organ from a person who is travelling to Australia with you.
  • You are a 50-year old person residing in Australia and have been refused a permanent residency visa due to health reasons.

You Should Not Have A Medical Condition That Can Be A Threat To Australian Public Life

The Government of Australia is very strict about public health, and therefore, you should not have any medical condition that can be a threat to it. A person with a contagious disease is not permitted.

You Should Not Hold A Subclass 403 Visa

If you’re making your application inside Australia, you should not currently hold or have previously held the Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa Subclass 403 of the Domestic Worker Stream.

You Must Be Financially Capable

You should have the adequate financial capacity to cover all the relevant costs (including medical treatment, consultation, or surgery costs) during your stay and return airfare.

Age Requirement

Unlike other Australian visas, there is no age restriction for the Medical Treatment Visa. An international individual of any age can apply for this visa.

Genuine Visitor Requirement

In your statement, you must include the following information.

  • You will stay in Australia for a temporary period.
  • You will only do things that your visa allows you to do.

Debt Requirement

You should have no outstanding debts to the Government of Australia. Even if you have one, make a repayment arrangement.

Health And Character Requirements

Meeting character requirements applies to all the applicants. However, if you are coming for your health treatment, you will not be required to undergo health examinations.

Make A Successful Application

According to Australia’s migration law, all applicants should properly submit their documents for a complete application. Follow these 5 steps to achieve success.

Step 1: Things To Do Before Applying

  • You should first check the validity of your passport.
  • If it is valid, you should now start making preparations.
  • Arrange for health examinations, if necessary.
  • Hire a professional migration agent or lawyer for a smooth application.

Step 2: Gather All The Documents

This step is vital because migrating to another country involves many documents, which should be submitted in perfect order. These documents will include:

  • Medical treatment documents should include a letter from your doctor outlining your medical condition, required treatment, and an estimate of the cost and timeframe.
  • Identity documents, including passport page copies and copy of a national identity card,
  • Financial documents, including bank account statements and other relevant funding source documents,
  • Character documents, and

For character documents, applicants usually need to submit police clearance certificates. If you take assistance from a migration solicitor, you will be required to submit the filled-in form 956. Form 956A will be required if you withdraw your agent.

Step 3: Apply

You can make your application online. Every applicant should make a separate application unless they have a shared passport.

Step 4: Things To Do After Applying

After you apply, you will have to submit biometrics. The Department will let you know whether you need health examinations or not.

Step 5: Visa Outcome

Finally, you will receive an email about the visa decision. Emails are sent for either type of decision. Thus, even if your visa gets rejected, you will get notifications on the reasons behind the refusal.

Final Words

For convenience, you may apply for health insurance, which can cover your medical costs. A top-rated lawyer assigned by Migration Lawyers Perth WA can help you get a health cover.

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