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All About Refugee And Humanitarian :

If you are away from your home country and have a definite fear of ill-treatment and discrimination should you return to the home land than you can apply for Refugee and Humanitarian Visa to move and settle in Australia. You will be required to fulfill the basic requirements of the visa category you want to apply. This visa comes with an attached facility of work and study rights and you can even sponsor your eligible family member for Australian permanent residence.

Categories of Refugee and Humanitarian Visas:

Onshore visa:

Protection Visa Subclass 866

Individuals who entered in Australia legally and are currently onshore can apply for Subclass 866 Visa if they are looking for protection here. It is a permanent visa which grants you permission to live and work indefinitely in Australia. As an applicant you will be required to fulfill the complementary protection criteria under Migration Act 1958 and must also been engaged in the protection obligations of Australia to get Visa Subclass 866 grant.

Offshore Visas:

Refugee Visa Subclass 200

People who are away from their home country and living outside of Australia and are subject to persecution should they get back to their homeland can apply for Refugee Visa Subclass 200. It is a permanent visa which also enables you to sponsor you family members for permanent residence in Australia. This visa comes with a facility of study and work rights.

In Country Special Humanitarian Visa subclass 201

Individuals who gets life threat in their home country and are subject to victimization can apply for Humanitarian Visa Subclass 201. However, this is available only if you were unable to seek refugee in country other than Australia. It is a permanent visa which enables you to work study and live in Australia indefinitely.

Global Special Humanitarian Visa Subclass 202

Applicants who are currently not in Australia and living away from their home country too due to discrimination resulting to an audacious contravention of their human rights should they get back to their home land can apply for Humanitarian Visa Subclass 202. This permanent visa enables you to work, study, enroll in Australian medicare and sponsor your relatives (if eligible) for permanent residence in Australia.

Woman at Risk Visa subclass 204

The Woman at Risk Visa is available for the women applicants who are not secure in their home country and are subject to harassment should they go back to their homeland. It is mandatory to represent recommendation from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to the Australian government for this visa grant.  Female applicants can apply for Australian citizenship and even sponsor their family members for permanent residence.

How Migration Lawyer Perth can help you on Refugee and Humanitarian Visa Process?

Our visa lawyers will guide you professionally to lodge the visa application. They will suggest you the right Refugee and Humanitarian Visa category as per your circumstances. Post evaluation we will submit your and will ensure to minimize the challenges in your pathway. At Migration Lawyer Perth we will process your application and help you fulfill your migration dream.

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