What Is The Processing Time For A Medical Treatment Visa?

July 8, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Is The Processing Time For A Medical Treatment Visa?

The medical treatment visa or subclass 602 visa is a temporary visa that can give you the opportunity to travel and stay in Australia for medical treatment. Under this visa, you can also support an individual who needs medical treatment.

The medical treatment visa can help you if you wish to donate an organ or give birth in Australia. Under this visa, medical treatments include tests, surgery or consultations, whether it is minor or major.

In this guide, you will learn everything about the medical visa, including the processing time.

How Can You Qualify For A Medical Treatment Visa?

If you want to qualify for this visa, you are required to have a medical need under the following criteria:

  • Have consultations or medical treatment in Australia.
  • Donate an organ to any individual in Australia.
  • Provide support to a patient or an organ donor who is either applying for this visa or has the visa.
  • Receive an organ from an individual who travels along with you to Australia.
  • Visit Australia under the arrangements between the Queensland department of health and the Western province of Papua New Guinea.
  • Live in Australia, aged either 50 or more than that and refused an Australian permanent visa due to health and is not fit to depart from the country.

You will not be granted a medical visa if you have a medical condition that can become a threat to public health.

You will also not be granted this visa if your treatment in Australia could cause a citizen or a PR to be at a disadvantage in receiving medical treatment and consultation.

Age Restrictions And Health Requirements-

There are no specific health restrictions for this visa, but you need to meet the health requirement unless you are undergoing travel for your medical treatment.

You also need to have enough money to support yourself while in Australia and also need to meet the character’s needs.

  • In most circumstances, you need to prove that you have already arranged the cost of your medical treatment and provide evidence that it will not cost the Australian government any money.
  • The evidence can include written proof from an Australian hospital that they have already approved your treatment and will arrange all the costs for you. The arrangement can be made with either a private or a government hospital.

Genuine Visitor Requirement-

A part of the medical visa requirement is that you need to be a genuine visitor with the intention to stay in Australia temporarily. You also need to give your word that you will only do the things that are allowed under the specific visa.

But you cannot stay in Australia temporarily if you:

  • Residing in Australia.
  • Aged 50 years or more.
  • Have already been refused a permanent visa as you did not meet the health requirement.
  • Are not fit to depart from Australia.

Where Do You Need To Be When Applying For A Medical Treatment Visa?

You can apply for this Australian visa offshore, but you need to be in the same location when a decision is being made on your medical visa application.

If you are in Australia, you cannot apply for this visa if:

  • Currently have held a Temporary work subclass 403 visa in the domestic worker stream.
  • You have a further no-stay condition on your current visa; you will need to enquire for a waiver of this specific condition.
  • Had been refused a visa in the past or cancelled for any reason other than medical grounds.

What Can You Do Under A Medical Treatment Visa?

If you have received a medical treatment visa, you will have the privilege to stay in Australia until the treatment plan or consultation period. Under this medical treatment visa, you will be able to study for up to three months or longer.

Under this visa, you will not be able to work, but if you come across financial problems after entering Australia, you may be allowed to work under this visa after you prove that you must work.

Your family members may also receive or be granted another medical treatment visa to come with you to Australia. They will also be included in the same visa application if they have a passport.

Will You Be Able To Travel Outside On A Medical Treatment Visa?

You will be granted the medical treatment visa with either a single or multiple entries and will be indicated on your visa grant letter. Under single entry, if you applied for the medical treatment visa outside of Australia and were granted offshore, you cannot leave or return after arriving in Australia.

But if you were in Australia when your medical treatment visa was granted, you can leave and return once under the single entry condition. This is a benefit of being granted the visa while you were in Australia.

Australian Medical Visa Requirements-

The documents that you must submit when looking for a medical visa in Australia are as follows:

  • The bio page in your passport shows your ID picture and personal details.
  • The latest passport-size picture of yourself that meets the requirements of Australia’s visa photo needs.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Written confirmation from a health expert that will provide you medical treatment and needs to state the following:
  1. The type of medical treatment that you will receive.
  2. Proof that they have agreed to treat you.
  3. That you have arranged for payment of the treatment beforehand.
  4. The date that you will be admitted to the hospital.
  5. The time that you require to be in Australia for medical treatment.
  6. That there will be no Australian citizen or resident that will be negatively affected by you when you receive the medical treatment.
  • Written approval from the hospital where you are being admitted or treated under the medical visa requirements.
  • Statements from an individual or a firm can help finance your stay or medical costs in Australia.
  • If you are going to receive an organ transplant, you need to provide proof that there are arrangements of the donor and that Australia will not bear the cost of your treatment.
  • If a minor child is travelling alone or without their parents, they need to provide proof of custody and travel arrangements.
  • Other documents that are relevant to your circumstances.

How Do You Apply For An Australian Medical Visa?

You can apply for the medical visa and fill out the medical visa application online with the help of an ImmiAccount. The process is as follows:

1. Arrange Your Health Examinations And Appointments:

For this, you need to contact the nearest Australian Embassy to know whether you require a health examination and ways to arrange it.

2. Gather The Important Documents:

For the Australian medical visa, you will need a number of documents like a letter from your doctor, proof of funding, approval from the hospital and many more.

3. Create An Immiaccount:

You need to head online and register your Immiaccount; this is the portal that is responsible for receiving all the Australian visa applications.

4. Complete The Visa Application Online:

After you have registered, you need to select the type of visa that you will apply for and answer all the questions that come along with it.

5. Attach Electronic Copies Of The Required Documents:

After you complete the questions in the application, you need to attach electronic copies of all the required documents. You need to ensure that the documents are in PDF format.

6. Wait To Hear Back From Concerned Authorities:

You will get an email confirmation of your visa along with a visa grant number, the valid dates and other visa conditions.

7. Travel To Australia:

After receiving the confirmation of your visa, you need to print out the email that has the confirmation and bring it with you when leaving for Australia.

You can keep an electronic copy with yourself, and as your visa is saved on an online database, the authorities can check with the help of your passport number.

How Long Will It Take For The Medical Visa To Process?

Most of the applications for a medical visa in Australia are processed in almost a month. Some of them can take less time, and others may take two months, depending on the case.

25% of the medical visa applications are processed in a day, while 75% of them are completed in 50 days. Almost 90% of the visa applications are processed within six months.

Situations That Can Impact The Processing Time Of The Medical Treatment Visa-

Some of the situations that can affect the processing time for your medical visa are:

  • Whether you completed the application form correctly.
  • In case you attached all the important documents with your visa application.
  • If the Department of Home Affairs needs additional requirements from you.
  • The time it takes to verify the information that you provided in the visa application.

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With their assistance, you can fill out the application form, know what documents you need to submit, and know if you fulfil the eligibility criteria. Due to their experience, they can ensure that your visa will not be rejected.

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