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Child Visa:

A child can now lawfully go to, or stay in Australia provided that they meet certain standards and requirements to obtain the Child visa. This visa is available for young individuals who are adopted, independent or orphaned children of an Australian permanent resident, an Australian citizen, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

Child migration is not an easy process but it is so possible. An adult who wishes to take his child to Australia and let him stay here just needs to know the things to consider when obtaining this visa.

Categories of Child Visa :

Child Visa (Subclass 101)- offshore

If you have a child younger than 18 years of age and is living outside of Australia, you can bring them along to live with you by lodging an application for Child Visa Subclass 101. A full-time student between 18-25 years is also eligible for this visa.

Child Visa (Subclass 801)- Onshore

A child currently onshore living with their parents and want to continue living with them can apply for Child Visa 801. S/he must be single and fulfill the age criteria to become eligible for this visa.

Adoption Visa (Subclass 102)

If an adopted child willing to move to Australia to live with their parents permanently than they can apply for Subclass 102 Visa. The child should either be or soon to be adopted to become eligible for this visa.

Orphan Relative Visa (Subclass 117)-Offshore

An orphan child can apply for Subclass 117 Visa to live with their relatives in Australia permanently. S/he must be below 18 years of and be single and not be in a de facto relationship.

Orphan Relative (Subclass 837)-Onshore

Visa subclass 837 is issued to the orphan children younger than 18 years of age in order to live with their lone relatives in Australia permanently. The applicant has to be onshore while lodging an application for this visa and must be single.

Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445)

If you are in Australia on a dependent partner visa (temporary) and you want take you children along with you than you can do this by applying for Dependent Child Visa 445. It is a temporary visa and the parents can include their child in their permanent partner visa application.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 461)

Non-New Zealand citizens can travel to Australia and stay with their New Zealand citizen family member who is a Special Category visa holder with Subclass 461 Visa. This visa remains valid for 5 years.

How Migration Lawyer Perth can help you on child visa concerns?

Our migration lawyers will help you with the assessment of your personal circumstances and advise you the best suited visa for you to be with your child as soon as possible. We will help in the documentation and preparing and submitting the valid file for you. After that we will keep you informed from time to time about the status and the progress of your visa, till the time you get the visa grant.

If you wish to apply for a Child visa, the best child visa lawyer in Perth can help you obtain this. Get in touch with us visa phone or email.

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