Australia is highly admired for its medical technologies, health care facilities and qualified resource which is why a lot of people look for treatment in Australia. If you are also planning to get treatment done in this country apply for Medical Treatment Visa Perth. You may also be granted this visa to donate an organ or accompany an organ donor or a person who needs your support in the country while they undergo the treatment. Medical Treatment Visa Application cannot be lodged if you want to have surrogacy treatment performed in Australia, you have a medical problem which could possibly be risk to the health of other Australian residents and you have been living on a domestic category visa in Australia

Both onshore and offshore applicants are applicable for this visa application and can stay here till their treatment finishes.

Medical Treatment Visa Australia has currently one available stream which is:

Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa

Those who want to get a treatment done in Australia or meet a doctor for specialized medical consultation can lodge an application for Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602. This visa is also available for the applicants who want to support someone while their medical treatment in Australia or for donating an organ. You must be at least 50 years of age or older to apply for Subclass 602 Visa. Once this visa is approved the patient can stay in Australia until the consultation or treatment procedure ends.

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Our experienced migration lawyers help you prepare the documents to prove the claims you make in your Medical Treatment Visa Application. After collecting all the documents, we will assess your file thoroughly and will assist you for the further visa process. One of our lawyers will constantly be in touch with the Department of Home Affairs to know the progress of your file and keep you updated about the same. With our years of experience, we ensure the trouble-free visa process for all our clients by minimizing their efforts and do all the research work on their behalf. For detailed information on Australian Medical Treatment Visa Requirements get in touch with Migration Lawyer Perth.