Get The Medical Treatment Visa: Know The Easy Process Through Us!

June 21, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
Get The Medical Treatment Visa: Know The Easy Process Through Us!

The Medical Treatment Visa is provided to individuals who wish to travel and live in Australia to receive medical treatment. This visa is also provided to those who wish to support a person who requires medical treatments.

For people who wish to donate an organ or happen to give birth within Australia, this visa is the correct option. Medical treatment includes all types of medical processes, such as surgery, consultations, tests, etc. One can receive more information from the visa lawyers before proceeding further.

The Medical Visa: Who Can Apply For It?

One of the biggest reasons to apply for this type of visa is to seek medical treatment in Australia. But once the duration of the treatment ends, he/she has to go to their country.

Moreover, to apply for the visa, one must complete the following:

  • The applicant is required to make proper arrangements to get consultations or medication treatment at a hospital in Australia.
  • He/she has already paid for the said consultation or treatment.
  • The applicant has no severe health condition, which can be risky for public health in Australia.
  • One doesn’t have many funds to cover up for their and their companion’s stay in the country.
  • One has proper funds to cover the stay for their companions and themselves in Australia.
  • The treatment he/she is getting will not put any permanent resident or an Australian citizen at a disadvantage. The applicant gets to meet all the character requirements.
  • If the applicant is a citizen of Papua New Guinea and resides within the Western Province, he/she needs to be medically assessed at a hospital in Queensland.
  • The applicant is accompanying an individual who requires medical treatment in the country.

The Australian migration lawyers say that this particular visa will not allow visa holders to work during their stay. But if he/she can prove the reason they want to work while living in the country, they might become eligible to work without any problem.

The Visa Requirements-

There are some essential documents that one must submit when he/she is thinking of applying for the Medical Treatment Visa.
These documents are:

  • The bio page of the passport displays the ID picture and personal information.
  • A recent or new passport-size photo of the applicant meets the requirements for a visa photo.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Applicants must also provide written confirmation from the health professional in the country who will provide the treatment.
    It should contain:
  1. Medical treatment the person will get.
  2. The doctor agrees to offer the medical treatment.
  3. The applicant has already arranged the payment for the treatment.
  4. The date when he/she will get admitted to the hospital.
  5. The time he/she has to reach Australia for the treatment.
  6. No permanent resident or Australian citizen should be affected negatively by the medical treatment he/she will get.


  • The hospital where one will be admitted for the treatment must provide written approval. [Only if it’s a private hospital].
  • If the applicant is receiving an organ transplant, it’s important to provide evidence of the arrangements made for accommodation and travel for the donor.
  • The travel arrangements and proof of custody must be provided if a child travels to Australia without a guardian or parents.
  • Other documents which are relevant to the applicant’s situation should also be submitted without fail.

Applying For The Medical Treatment Visa:

Steps To Follow-

Individuals who are applying for a medical treatment visa for the first time might find the whole process a bit challenging. That’s why the steps provided under this particular section will be helpful.

Organize The Appointments And Health Examinations:

It’s crucial to contact the Australian Embassy to look at whether or not he/she requires any health examination. If needed, ask the Embassy how an assessment can be arranged immediately.

Collect All The Documents:

One must gather all necessary documents, such as approval from the hospital, a letter from the physician, proof of the funding and many more. Doing so will be much easier to provide the documents during the visa processing work.

Make An Immiaccount:

All applicants must create an ImmiAccount. This portal will obtain all the visa-related applications.

Finish The Application Online:

After individuals have completed the registration work, he/she must choose the visa they wish to apply for and then answer several questions presented to them.

Provide Copies Of The Required Documents:

After the applicant has answered all the questions correctly, they need to attach all the electronic copies of the required documents. He/she can easily attach them in the form of PDF files.

Wait For Some Time:

After submitting all the documents, one needs to wait to get the visa approved. Migration Lawyers Perth says that the visa office will send an email that contains information like the date when the visa is valid, the grant number, etc.

Visit Australia:

Once he/she receives the visa confirmation, they must print the confirmation email and carry it with them when travelling to Australia. It’s suggested that one must keep an electronic copy of it as well.

The visa will stay safe and secure in the online database, and the immigration agents will take a look at it with the help of the passport number.

What Can The Medical Treatment Visa Do?

When an individual receives the Medical Treatment Visa, they will surely get the opportunity to reside in Australia. Besides that, the visa holder can also study in Australia for 3 months during their stay.

Family members will also get a Medical Treatment Visa when they want to accompany you. Otherwise, it can sometimes get included within the same visa application as the applicant

Travelling Outside Of Australia: Is It Possible With This Visa?

The Medical Treatment Visa will be granted with multiple or single entries, and it will be mentioned on the visa grant letter itself. When a person applies for this visa on a single entry when they are living outside of Australia, he/she cannot leave the country.

This is because once they leave, they will not get the chance to re-enter the nation. However, if a person lives in Australia and gets a Medical Treatment Visa, he/she can leave the nation and then return back just once.

This gets done through the conditions mentioned under “single entry”. If you receive a visa with multiple entries, you can leave the country and return many times you want.

What Is The Cost And Processing Time?

Applicants also have to pay for the police certificates, health check-ups along with biometrics. Taking the help of a visa pricing estimator can also help as it can provide the applicant’s information on how much they have to pay for the visa. But remember, the estimator will not provide information on other costs.

The visa processing time will depend on the visa office and how long it will take to approve it. But the processing time of the visa are:

  • 90% of the visa applications take 6 months.
  • 75% of the visa applications take 50 days.
  • 50% of the applications take 16 days.
  • 25% of the applications will take just 1 day.

If you think that your visa application takes a lot of time to process, here are several reasons behind it:

  • The information you provided might be incorrect.
  • You might not have provided all the essential documents needed to get the visa approved.
  • It takes time to process a visa as the experts have to go through all the details properly so that they can verify it quickly.

Applicants must remember one thing, the visa office will not proceed with the visa application if the correct charge is not paid. He/she will be immediately notified when this type of situation takes place, and they might also return the application to you.

How Is The Medical Treatment Visa Get Issued?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs takes responsibility for processing all the visa applications. Whether you submit the application through the visa agency or the ImmiAccount, it will go forward to the DHA or Department of Home Affairs.

Applicants who have any doubts they wish to clear and contact the DHA through the official website to gain more information about the visa. They can provide all the information he/she needs about this visa to proceed further with the process.

Final Thoughts-

The Subclass 602 or Medical Treatment Visa will allow individuals to live in Australia during the time of their consultation or medical treatment. The visa will not allow you to do a short-term course in your desired field.

Individuals can contact immigration or visa lawyers to learn more about the visa, its process, how to complete the visa application and the documents they need to submit. They will also tell the type of mistakes you must avoid when filling up the application.

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