An individual is allowed to live in Australia indefinitely with Former and Returning Residence Visa Australia. For candidates interested in this visa two options are available– Former Resident Visa and Return Resident visa.

The applicants of this visa are required to fulfill the set eligibility criteria of the visa stream they wish to apply for and must also present edquate evidence of health and character to get the visa grant.

For the Former Resident Visa applicants must apply for the substantive visa or must possess it. The Resident Return visa is a permanent visa which enables the applicants to travel in and out of Australia for 5 years.  The applicants must hold valid passports to apply for the Resident Return Visa. Moving out of Australia without a Resident return visa may affect the permanent residency eligibility criteria for citizenship.

Categories of Former and Returning Resident visas:

Former Resident Visa subclass 151

Intended for the individuals who have served in the Australian Defence Force and lets them stay in Australia permanently. The applicants of the Former Resident Subclass 151 Visa must be under 45 years of age and fulfill the defence service requirements or the long residence requirement along with the adequate health and character proof.

Resident Return Visa subclass 155 and 157

Individuals who want to maintain their permanent resident status for Australia and want to travel overseas, however their current substantive visa does not allow to travel can apply for Resident Return Visa as it comes with an attached travel facility. You become eligible to apply for this visa if you are an Australian permanent resident, former Australian citizen and permanent resident.

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