The skilled worker is allowed to live and work with Visa Subclass 489 in a regional or low-populated metropolitan area of Australia for a maximum of four years. In order to qualify for this visa, you will be required to be sponsored by either a family member living in a designated area or a State or Territory agency. This visa intends to boost the career aspects of skilled applicants in their respective field of work.

Who is the right candidate to apply for this visa? 

The applicants who qualify the below requirements can apply for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa:

  • Have secured 60 points on the points table
  • Is proficient in English language
  • Be invited by an Australian government agency or an eligible relative (Invited pathway)
  • Possess a work offer in their domain
  • Pass a suitable skills evaluation for your area of work
  • Must be less than 45 years of age at the time of invitation

What a Skilled Regional Visa holder can do in Australia?

The Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489 allows you to work and study in a specified regional area of Australia for up to four years. Other than this you may also travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid. Later if eligible, you can apply for permanent residence, through the Skilled-Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887). You can include your partner or your partner’s child or step-child in your application. Please note family members who are granted this visa have the same rights and can do the same things as you.

General eligibility measures of this visa

The Applicants can be eligible to apply for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489 if they have been invited by an eligible relative or State or Territory Government for invited pathway and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be able to demonstrate the adequate health certificate.
  • Must meet subsequent character requirements
  • Must not possess any debts towards the Australian government and must repay if any.
  • You may not be eligible if you had a visa rejection previously while you were in Australia.

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General Question and Answers for 489 Visa

 What is the cost of this visa?

The estimate cost to apply for this visa is around AUD $3.755 

How long will it take to process this visa application?

It takes up to 10 months to process this visa application. 

How can I move from a provisional visa to a permanent visa? 

  • You are eligible to apply for a permanent visa if you have resided in a regional location of Australia for 2 years.
  • You also have to have employment for 12 months in any regional area of Australia.
  • You can also be self-employed for a period of 12 months in any regional state of Australia.

 What are the steps for the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 489) process? 

There is a 3-step visa application process: 

The 1st Step

Firstly, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has to judge you on your skill set and define the area you can work in.

The 2nd Step

Once you have been approved, you have to make an application of interest through their Skill Select option.

The 3rd Step

The final step will involve you applying finally after the state sends you an Invitation to Apply. This is the last step after which you will have to wait for the visa to be granted to you.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.