What is The Age Limit For Australian Visa Application

November 23, 2021    Migration Lawyer Perth
What is The Age Limit For Australian Visa Application

Among the many popular countries where people want to migrate, Australia has always been one of the most popular picks. There are multiple reasons for its gaining popularity, including its thriving economy, better job opportunities, lower crime rates, a better quality of life, and a well-secured society for immigrants. Australian laws for migration and a visa or a permanent residency visa are not very complicated and can be easily gained if one follows all the proper documentation processes.

It needs to be remembered that getting a PR visa for any country requires a lot of legal documentation and verification, which might not always be a cakewalk. This is where you can get help from Migration lawyers from reputed firms who have decades of experience in Australian visas and will fully understand your visa options.

Such experienced immigration lawyers Perth can guide you through all your necessary options or a hassle-free migration. As every country has its own set of immigration policies, Australia is no different. Here are the basic rules and regulations for obtaining a visa and citizenship in Australia.

PR Visa

A PR visa or permanent residency visa is generally given to immigrants from various parts of the world to Australia. Generally, a PR visa comes with validation of 5 years. Once you have settled down in Australia for three years with a PR visa, you can apply for proper Australian citizenship. Therefore, the benefits of obtaining PR are plenty and should be the first step for obtaining citizenship in this amazing country. A few of the major benefits of a PR visa of Australia includes:

  • The ease of traveling anywhere within the country
  • The benefit of pursuing higher education in Australia along with the provision of applying for educational loans.
  • Once you have been using the PR visa for two years or more, you become eligible for all the Social Security benefits of the country.
  • A PR visa holder can sponsor the visa for their relatives if they meet certain requisites.
  • This also ensures that you can apply for government jobs in Australia.
  • An added advantage of having a PR visa in Australia is that you can also Travel to New Zealand easily and apply for a visa there as well.

Normally, your age should be below the age of 45 years for applying for a PR visa in Australia; however, you can follow a few alternative options if you have already reached the age of 45 or is about to. So, therefore, a common question asked by most individuals is whether they can apply for a visa or not once they have turned 45.

Although such rules exist, there are many ways to get a permanent residency visa once you have crossed the age of 45. Here is are a few alternative instances where you can apply for a visa in Australia.

Alternative Options For Obtaining An Australian Visa

Here are a few alternative instances where you can apply for an Australian visa.

1. Parent Visa

One of the most promising alternatives for obtaining an Australian visa is the parental visa alternative option. This type of visa is applicable when you have any family member staying in Australia as a permanent resident or Australian citizen.

In this regard, there are six different categories for availing of visas.

  • Parental visa with visa status permanent
  • Contributory parental visa with status temporary and permanent
  • Aged parental visa
  • Aged dependent relative basis visa both onshore and offshore category
  • Sponsored parental visa temporary category.

2. Partner Visa

This category is granted for those in genuine relationships with Australian citizens or someone who has Australian permanent residency.

3. Distinguished Visa Or Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

This is a specific class of data specially designed for individuals the Australian government internally recognizes for their outstanding achievements in any profession, sports, arts, academic, or research. This kind of visa is only granted when you are nominated unanimously by the leading Australian body of your field and when you can show your benefit to the Australian community either by your economic contributions or social contributions.

The application age limit for this kind of visa generally ranges from 18 to 55 years. However, as per the Australian migration law, if your contributions are marked exceptionally beneficial for Australian society, you might be granted a visa beyond the age bar.

4. Temporary Skill-Based Shortage Visa

This kind of visa is applicable when there is a skill shortage in any particular Australian skill sector. These kinds of visas don’t have any age bar; however, as mentioned above, this is a temporary category of visas. The permanent version of this visa category is called Permanent Employer Sponsored visa, which is only applicable till an upper age limit of 45 years with no exceptions.

5. Business Innovation And Investment Visa As Per Provisional Category

This visa category is for those who wish to start or manage or conduct any business innovation and investment activity in Australia. Generally, to get this visa, you must be under the age limit of 55 years. However, if your contributions and innovations are up to the mark, your State or Territory where you intend to migrate might also recommend you.

General Eligibility Criteria For Obtaining Visa

In general the Australian immigration authority evaluates a visa application with the help of a points grading system, where different eligibility criteria gets you different points summing up all of which will get you your visa approval. These parameters include age, your English proficiency, work experience both inside and outside the country, niche skills, relationship status and other visa-specific requisites.

Hire Immigration Lawyers For Further Help

Although the rules and regulations seem fairly simple, some exceptions or bylaws might help you obtain a visa. This is where immigration Lawyers Perth can properly mentor you. They are generally reputed professionals specializing in immigration laws which helps them to judge your case thoroughly.

And if needed, plead your request in front of Australian immigration authorities for visa approval. Some stringent search for experience and expertise will lead you to expert immigration lawyers and get your visa work done.

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