9 Most Important Things You Need To Know About A Temporary Graduate Visa

June 8, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
9 Most Important Things You Need To Know About A Temporary Graduate Visa

Australia is a great place to start your career. Some top companies are based here to provide excellent post-study job opportunities. So, if you have recently finished your graduation and want to extend your stay, consider applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

This visa lets the holder study, work, and stay in Australia for about 18 months to 4 years, depending on the stream. Submitting an application for this visa is relatively easy. But Australian Immigration is strict, and a minor mistake can ruin your chances. So, it is always a good decision to take extra care while preparing your application.

This blog helps you know several essential factors you must be aware of about the application:

1. Choosing the Right Visa Stream Is Necessary-

Before making the application, it is important to know that this visa has two streams under it – the Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream. Check details of each stream to know which one suits your situation the best.

When you have a diploma or trade certification in a subject related to a skilled occupation present on the relevant skilled occupations list, you have to choose the Graduate Work Stream. You will also need to undergo a skills assessment to prove that you can fulfil your job responsibilities for the nominated occupation.

This stream will allow you to live for 18 months. On the other hand, the Post-Study Work Stream is granted to applicants who have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, or a doctorate from an Australian university. Students of all study fields are awarded this visa. Note that no occupation nomination or skills assessment is required for this visa.

However, make sure that you have applied for and received your first Australian student visa on or after 5 November 2011. Currently, a Second Post-Study Work Stream has been introduced. It is for those who have graduated from a university located in Regional Australia and stayed in a regional location on their first PSWS Visa.

2. Having Adequate Health Insurance Is Necessary-

When applying for the 485 Visa, it is important to hold a valid health insurance policy. Otherwise, your visa application may be at risk of cancellation. As an international student in Australia, you might hold an Overseas Student Health Cover.

If it stays valid at the time of your TGV application, you can provide the necessary details. But keep in mind that at the time of your visa grant, OSHC details will not be applicable. It is better to obtain another valid Australian visa. Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) will be the appropriate choice.

Because many insurance companies offer similar plans, it may become challenging to find the most suitable one. You can take help from professional consultants for that purpose.

3. Meeting English Language Requirements-

For any Australian visa, you apply, you must satisfy the necessary English language requirements. You can submit the score of any globally recognized English languages test, such as IELTS, PTE Academic, CAE, or TOEFL. Because the scoring system is not the same for each test, the required scores are also different.

For example, if you provide IELTS results, the minimum overall score should be 6, with at least 5 in each of the four test bands (reading, speaking, writing, and listening). On the other hand, you need to score a minimum of 50 points in PTE Academic with at least 36 in each band.

For help, you may get in touch with Migration Lawyer Perth, WA, one of the leading firms that provide excellent migration services.

4. You Can Apply For This Visa Only Once-

You must remember about this visa that you can apply for it only once in your life. It is always recommended that you consider your options carefully and create a definite plan on what steps you will take to achieve your career goals in Australia.

Professional migration consultants and lawyers have vast experience and knowledge in the visa application field. They are trained in this job and handle many cases every year. Thus, they can provide you with the best guidance when facing challenges. Have discussions with them for assistance.

5. Leverage The Maximum Benefits While Staying On A Temporary Graduate Visa-

Because you can get your Graduate Visa only once in your entire life as a primary visa holder, make sure you can leverage the maximum benefits after receiving it. Plenty of options are available, which you can explore. The maximum period this visa allows you to stay is enough for that.

These options are as follows:

1. Professional Year Program:

If you have graduated in IT, engineering, or accounting, you may consider a Professional Year Program (PYP) in Australia. These programs last for 44 weeks, comprising 32-week classroom learning and a 12-week internship program.

These programs will enable you to sharpen your professional skills and grow your professional network. In addition, you will also be able to gather five valuable points for a permanent skilled work visa.

2. English Testing:

You may decide to improve your English language skills. Several institutes offer preparation courses. You can enrol there to improve your English language test scores, thus maximising the points required for the General Skilled Migration program of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

3. Work In Australia:

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 allows you to stay for 18 months to 4 years, during which you can work full-time in a company. If you gather at least one year of work experience, it will maximize your chances of getting a permanent skilled work visa. You will also get exposure to the Australian workplace culture.

# Explore Regional Australia:

You will get the best chance to explore Regional Australia while holding this visa. For that, you will need to obtain the Second Post-Study Work Stream. Several Australian visas are designed exclusively for those who have stayed and worked in regional areas. You can take advantage of those visas.

6. Provide University Documents To Meet The Australian Study Requirements-

For your Visa 485, it is necessary to satisfy the Australian study requirements. Completing a course after at least 2 years of academic study is one of the key requirements for this visa. 2 academic years means 92 weeks of study.

Ask your university to provide you with a valid letter of course completion that mentions the exact dates. It must also include other information like the qualification you have finished. Keep in mind that you must request this document from your university because most institutes do not issue it automatically.

You will also need to lodge an official final transcript. For this document, too, you may need to request your institute. Another crucial thing to check is whether you have completed a CRICOS-registered course.

7. You Can Include Your Immediate Family Members-

The best thing about the 485 Visa is that it allows you to add your immediate family members to your application. Immediate family members mean your partner or spouse and children. They will also need to satisfy the necessary character and health requirements and hold health insurance cover.

Once you receive the visa, your family members will have the same living, work, and study rights as you. Keep in mind that amendments related to including your family members may be corrected during the processing of the application. Ensure you provide all the relevant documents carefully to avoid unnecessary application delays.

8. Australian Federal Police Clearance Certificate Is A Mandatory Document-

Collect your Australian Federal Police (AFP) clearance certificate before lodging your application. While the requirement does not look complicated, your application can be refused for various reasons.
Keep the following points in mind:

  • You may have applied for the certificate before lodging. However, if you forget to submit at least a receipt regarding your AFP lodgement, the Department of Home Affairs will refuse your application. It happens because evidence of an AFP clearance certificate application is mandatory for your 485 Visa.
  • Several candidates wrongly submit state police check certificates. Avoid this kind of mistake to make a successful application.
  • Submission of an AFP clearance certificate applies to every applicant aged 16 or more.
  • You should have applied for this certificate at least 12 months before your 485 Visa application lodgement. Submitting an older certificate will lead to visa refusal.

9. Do Not Forget The Deadline-

Applying within the deadline is the most vital requirement. Within 6 months of your course completion, you must lodge your 485 Visa application. Note that course completion means the date when your final results are published.

Do not confuse it with graduation day because it occurs several months later. You will also need to apply for your 485 Visa within 6 months of holding your Australian Student Visa 500. When your visa expires, you may have only a few weeks left. So, it will be better to start making preparations early.

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