What Are The Refugee And Humanitarian Visa Processing Times In Australia?

August 20, 2021    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Are The Refugee And Humanitarian Visa Processing Times In Australia?

Refugee and Humanitarian Visa are granted to people who want to move to Australia after being persecuted in their countries. With this visa, a person can stay in Australia for an indefinite period. There is no cost required to apply for the Refugee Visa 200. The holder of this visa can work at any institution in Australia. This visa enables people to take benefits from specific national health schemes. A person holding this visa can travel in and out of the country for the initial five years.

This visa is granted to people recommended by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). An individual along with their family members can apply for this visa. However, you will need to follow the rules and regulations of the country. Apart from your family, anyone else dependent on you can also apply for this visa. But before you apply for this visa, you need to know the eligibility criteria. You should also know about the processing time required for this visa. This post will help you get all the information associated with refugee visa.

Eligibility Criteria For Refugee Visa 200

The Refugee Visa 200 will be granted to you if the following criteria are met:

Health And Character Requirement

The applicant, as well as those travelling with them, will have to fulfil this criterion. The administration will notify you about the health and character requirements. The requirements will be overlooked only if you have compelling reasons. If the authority wants the accompanying family members to meet the requirements, they are bound to do so.

Accept And Give Undertakings

You will have to sign the documents that state you will respect the laws of the country. The family members accompanying you will also have to sign the same documents. The authorities will tell you about the laws that you need to follow.

Debt Status

You should not owe any debt to the Australian government. If you owe any debt, you will have to repay it. You should repay the debt before applying for the visa. Otherwise, your visa will not be approved.


You can apply for this visa only if you have faced persecution in your respective country. This visa will help you seek shelter in Australia for an indefinite amount of time. You will be able to work or study in any of the reputed institutions. All the health schemes in the country will be accessible to you. You can attend English language classes in Australia for free after your visa is approved.

From Where Can You Apply

You will have to reside outside Australia to apply for this visa. If you are in Australia, you will not be allowed to apply for this visa. Otherwise, you can apply from any part of the world.

Steps To Follow While Applying For Refugee Visa Subclass 200    

You will have to follow the specific steps while applying for Refugee Visa Subclass 200:

  • You need to satisfy all the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • You will have to collect the relevant documents such as health and character certificate.
  • You will have to fill up Form No. 842.
  • After applying, check if the authority requires any more documents. If yes, submit the required documents at the earliest.
  • You will be given details such as grant number after your visa is approved.
  • If your visa gets denied, you will be notified. They will further inform you if you can review your application.

You can hire migration lawyers to ensure that your visa application process is carried out efficiently.

Processing Time For Refugee And Humanitarian Visa In Australia

Refugee and Humanitarian Visa takes more time to get approved than any other visas. It is because the number of applicants is always more than the availability. It takes more time if the applicant is required to submit the health and character certificates. You need to carefully review all the documents before applying for this visa. Sometimes the applicant takes time in providing further information requested by the authorities. It also takes time to obtain all information from external agencies, particularly details related to national security.

The processing time of this particular visa is also dependent on the time taken to assess all details and verify them. You should be aware of the standard time taken to review these visas. The processing time keeps changing depending on the circumstances. The outbreak of the Covid-19 has extended the processing time required for almost all visa applications. The processing time for refugee and humanitarian visas can last for months or even years.


A few asylum seekers had to wait for years to get the refugee and humanitarian visa. But the wait is worth it because of the benefits this visa carries. You can contact the top law firm to seek advice from the best migration lawyers in Perth.    

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