What Are The Requirements For Applying A Parent Visa In Australia?

September 3, 2020    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Are The Requirements For Applying A Parent Visa In Australia?

Every parent wishes to stay in person with their children.  A nation like Australia understands its significance quite well. Keeping that factor in mind, it has framed the Parent Visa Perth 103. This visa lets any parent of an overseas Australian permanent resident or citizen to settle in Australia permanently. Parents of New Zealand citizens are also considered eligible to apply for this visa.

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Basic Eligibility Pre-requisites

As an eligible parent it’s a great news that you can apply for the parent visa 103 unhesitatingly! The fact is you must meet a number of eligibility criteria before that. A complete checklist consisting of each of these criteria can be considered below.

  • You should apply as a retiree
  • You should meet all the relevant health requirements
  • You should meet all the relevant character requirements.
  • As an applicant you must have an authentic sponsor.
  • Do meet the balance-of-test as well.
  • Do possess a substantial assurance of support.
  • Pay back any debts to the Australian government before applying.
  • You should hold a valid health insurance plan.
  • Make sure that you have signed the Australian values statement prior to applying for the parent visa.
  • Most importantly, the visa you have applied for should be in the best interest of the child. This means that the DoHA will accept your application only if it’s in the applicant’s best interest. Another criterion is the applicant should be less than 18 years and not more.

While applying for the parent visa 103, you shouldn’t be the holder of a temporary visa. This requires you to be away from holding the Parent (Temporary) (subclass) 870 visa.

Right And Privileges To Expect

The moment you obtain the parent visa 103, you get entitled to several rights and privileges. Firstly, this visa allows you to stay in Australia permanently. Then, you can study and become a part of Australia’s professional world. What’s more, this visa also gives you the opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship only if you are eligible. You can sponsor your family members to enter Australia with this visa. Most importantly, you can get enrolled for Australia’s most popular healthcare scheme i.e. Medicare with the parent visa 103.

Location Of Application

This is another crucial requirement worth complying with when you are applying for the parent visa 103. You can apply for this visa by remaining both inside and outside Australia. Conversely, when the procedure of immigration clearance goes on, you should be outside Australia. When you apply for this visa with your family members, they should be inside Australia with you. You should also be inside Australia if you are applying as a retiree. Similarly, you must be outside Australia during immigration clearance.

Apply Step By Step

As an applicant of the parent visa, there are certain steps which you need to follow. By following each of these steps back to back, you can apply for the parent visa 103 successfully. These include the following:

Verify Your Passport

Prior to applying, make sure that you are holding a valid passport. Each of your accompanying family members must meet the same criterion as well.

Prepare The Documents

Prepare all the essential documents along with your partners’ and dependents’ credentials too. You must also prepare the essential documents of your sponsor unfailingly.

Time To Apply

Now it’s time for you to apply for the parent visa 103 on paper. To do this, you must fill out form 47PA in English and submit it accordingly to the DoHA. Your sponsor should fill out form 40 that too in English. Do pay the first instalment of your visa at the time of applying. You must submit the visa application to the Parent Visa Processing Centre’s postal address. You will find this address on your parent visa’s authentic form.

Post-Application Procedure

After the DoHA receives your application along with the important credentials, they will let you know about that. In case, there are some additional criteria which you must meet, the DoHA will also inform you about that.

Await Your Parent Visa’s Verdict!

Well, it’s time that you wait for the final outcome of your parent visa 103. When the final decision is being made, you must be outside Australia. You will be informed about the final verdict of your visa application through writing. Once approved you will be given the approval number, commencement date and conditions of your parent visa after that. In case, it has been refused, you will be clarified about it with substantial reasons. Your application fees won’t be refunded after your visa has been refused.

A Look At The Visa Cost

At present, the cost of the parent visa 103 is AUD6, 415 for the primary applicant.

Your Stay Duration In Australia

You may wonder how long can I stay in Australia with the Parent Visa Australia 103? Well, the answer to your question is permanently. Yes, with this visa you can stay in Australia for the rest of your life. Concerning your citizenship, your permanent residency will be activated from the date of your visa approval. You need to enter Australia if your visa was approved when you were outside Australia. You visa will be granted when you were inside Australia.

Eligibility For Australian Citizenship

After living in Australia with your parent visa for a while you can apply for an Australian citizenship. This in return will ensure a Permanent Residency in Australia for you. You will be considered a citizen of Australia during certain time. These firstly include when you enter Australia on this visa. Have you applied for the parent visa immediately after leaving Australia with a permanent visa? Then, you will also be considered the citizen of Australia from that time on.

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