Know About The New Permanent Residency Pathways In Australia

March 29, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
Know About The New Permanent Residency Pathways In Australia

Australia offers a permanent residency or PR Visa to people who want to settle in Australia. The Australia PR Visa remains valid for five years. With a PR visa, you stay in Australia along with your family. After staying in Australia for three years, you can apply for citizenship in the country.

Permanent Residency – Pathways

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, you must be aware of available PR pathways. Here are the three most popular migration pathways:

  1. GSM or General Skilled Migration – that needs Visa subclass 189, Visa subclass 190, and Visa subclass 489.
  2. ESM or Employer-Sponsored Migration – that needs Visa subclass 457 and Visa subclass 186.
  3. RSM or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – that needs Visa subclass 187. 

Let us discuss it one by one in detail. You can also contact a Visa lawyer for details.

General Skilled Migration

This is the most popular pathway to get PR in Australia. It is based on the point system. Here is what you need to know about this PR pathway:

  • To obtain a PR, the migrants need to achieve a minimum of 60 points. 
  • The aspirants must ensure that their nominated occupation is a part of the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List or MLTSSL or the Short-term Skilled Occupation List or STSOL. 
  • It is best to have your occupation in the MLTSSL because subclass 189 is the most attractive one that allows independent migration without relying on the state, family member, or employer. 
  • Other than meeting the minimum required points, there are other requirements too like skills assessment, health assessment, and character checks. 
  • If your occupation is a part of STSOL, then you will have to rely on the Regional State or specific given regions. You will be allowed to live and or work in that state only, for a designated time period. 
  • Also, it is important to have the employment offer in hand before applying. 
  • Many international students use to find this feature favorable as they get additional points. International students can also garner extra points in other different ways such as getting an Australian degree. 
  • The students in the age bracket of 25 years to 33 years with an English level of 7-7-7-7 in IELTS or above avail benefit of the points migration system.

Employer-Sponsored Migration

Another most prevalent pathway to PR or permanent residency in Australia is Employer Sponsored Migration. Here is what you need to know about this one:

  • The applicant’s occupation can be listed on MLTSSL or STSOL.
  • The migrants need not meet the points test in this PR pathway. 
  • However, it is expected that you meet certain minimum English requirements and the maximum age requirements. 
  • If you speak to Migration Lawyers Perth, you will know about the recent migration law changes. Now, you cannot apply for PR if your Occupation is mentioned on the STSOL list. You can apply for 2 years Visa and renew for a maximum time period of 2 more years. But you cannot apply for PR.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

In subclass 187, the applicants find it easier to apply compared to the GSM pathway, especially after considerable changes by the ENS rules dated 18th April 2017. The highlights of this PR pathway include:

  • This PR is easy to apply. 
  • You must have relevant qualifications and be sponsored by an employer from a Regional state or area.
  • The employer must offer you 2 years of full-time employment.
  • Your occupation must be listed on the RSMS list. 
  • This pathway does not need you to appear for the point test.
  • Your age must be less than 45 years.
  • You must be competent in English

Business Innovation And Investment Migration Pathway

Since this pathway needs the migrants to fulfill many requirements, it was not accepted much by the people. The conditions like the Investor stream needing a designated investment of a minimum of AUD1.5 million and some Investor streams needing a minimum of AUD 5million for significant investment in Australia, made it challenging for the migrants.

Family Migration

Popular family migration is the Partner visa and Parent Visa Australia.

  1. For a Partner Visa, you must be married as per Australian law or in a Defacto relationship for a minimum of 12 months. You can also present proof of having a registered relationship with an Australian partner.
  2. For getting Parent Visa Perth or subclass 103, the waiting period is up to 30 years. The Contributory Parent Visa subclass 173 temporary and Contributory Parent PR Visa subclass 143 is quick but has capping and queuing. Its Visa fees are also high.


Australia is a popular choice for individuals who want to move to another country. The country offers exciting job opportunities, superior lifestyle options have a thriving economy, and much more to attract migrants. Now that you know how to migrate to Australia, we wish you all the best!

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