What Are The New Changes In Partner Visa Eligibility 2020 After COVID-19 In Australia?

October 12, 2020    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Are The New Changes In Partner Visa Eligibility 2020 After COVID-19 In Australia?

The whole world is impacted by the emergence of Covid-19. This has brought certain changes to the eligibility of the Australian partner visas. There are chiefly two types of partner visas in Australia. These include permanent subclass (801) and temporary subclass (820). The spouse of the partner visa applicant should belong to any of the following categories:

  • A citizen of New Zealand
  • A citizen of Australia or
  • A permanent resident of Australia

If your partner/spouse belongs to any of these categories, then, you can apply for a partner visa. By obtaining a partner visa you can live with your spouse/partner in Australia either temporarily or permanently. To attain a PR in Australia, you must obtain the 820 visa first and then the 801 visa.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Eligible Visa Applicants?

Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected not only Australia, but, the whole world. This resulted in a ravaging health, economic and social crisis at a global scale. The Australian government was compelled to impose stringent travel bans as a result of this. The result is offshore travellers cannot enter Australia as of now. This has mostly affected people belonging to countries which are highly susceptible to Covid-19. The Department of Home Affairs made this announcement on 12th March, 2020.

Partner visa applicants face entry restrictions

Certain people have the permission to enter Australia in spite of these travel restrictions. These include immediate family members of permanent Australian residents or Australian citizens. Minor dependents, legal guardians and spouses are considered the eligible family members. Surprisingly, a partner or spouse of a permanent Australian resident or citizen has been denied access to Australia. This is chiefly because their partner visas got cancelled until recently.

Get immigration assistance in Perth!

So, are you also an eligible partner visa applicant? If so, then, Covid-19 is surely hindering you from entering Australia, right? When that is the case you should not keep quiet, but, seek premium legal assistance instead. Contact the best migration lawyers to serve this purpose effectively. These lawyers are competent enough at providing the best solution to your problem even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rest assured that your lawyer will leave no stone unturned to ensure your hassle-free entry to Australia

How to restore your partner visa application’s refusal?

Since your visa cancellation has been due to the Covid-19 pandemic, your actions to restore it should be absolutely different. This requires you to submit an application within 28 days regarding your partner visa’s cancellation. Besides, you should submit your application through substantial reasons.

These reasons should pertain either to a compassionate or compelling ground. You will have to wait from days to months to get the final reply. So, do apply for you visa cancellation’s restoration application lawfully. To do this you should contact the best partner visa lawyers in Perth.

The changes which have emerged in Australian partner visas for Covid-19

Don’t get daunted after reading this heading if you are a partner visa applicant. This is because not too many changes have occurred in the Australian partner visas unlike the travel bans. These changes have occurred from 2019 and the best Partner Visa lawyers Perth are well aware of this. A complete checklist of some of these changes can be considered below.

  • Processing time: A few changes have come to the processing time of the Australian partner visas. These alterations have been announced by the DoHA on 18th March 2020. These include 26 to 31 months for the partner visa 820. Conversely, for the partner visa 801 the processing time is 11 to 22 months. These processing times may again vary somewhat, depending on how perfectly you’ve submitted your application.
  • Increased price: One of the chief changes which have come to both the partner visas is the increase in their price. According to this, the present cost of a partner visa is $7,715. Before this the cost of an Australian partner visa was $7,160 prior to July, 2019. This has made an Australian partner visa one of the costliest Australian visas ever. Some additional increases in price were supposed to occur by July, 2020. To know more you can visit the official site of the Australian immigration department.

There are many other changes which have occurred related to the Australian partner visas. The whole procedure may seem intimidating but, by getting premium immigration assistance, you can complete the same task impeccably. The top Australian migration lawyers in Perth can provide you the choicest legal assistance in this matter.

Opt for the best legal assistance in Perth!

To cope up with your partner visa alterations effectively, you must hire a migration lawyer in Perth, Australia. None of us were prepared for the occurrence for such a deadly pandemic. Migration lawyers Perth are familiar with the constant changes occurring with the Australian visa options. By hiring a migration lawyer in Perth, you expect superior legal help related any of your immigration problems. Depending on your individual circumstances, your lawyer will help you to re-apply for your partner visa in the right way.

Enter Australia lawfully!

Since your previous partner visa has been cancelled, you should apply for a new visa option. The top immigration lawyers Perth have already dealt with myriads of visa issues before. So, the partner restrictions imposed by Covid-19 aren’t too severe to affect their legal skills. The moment you will meet your lawyer, he/she will familiarise you with the various partner visa alterations stated above. After that your lawyer will assist you to apply for another partner visa successfully.

Get comprehensive immigration services!

The services of the best immigration lawyers Perth aren’t limited to partner visas. Apart from that you can expect their services regarding various other visa options. These include the following:

  • Bridging Visas
  • Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Business Visa
  • Regional Sponsored Visas and
  • Investor Visas to name a few

So, hurry! Hire a qualified Migration Lawyer Perth today! By doing so you can re-enter Australia with your new partner visa successfully.

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