How Many Types Of Bridging Visas In Australia And How It Works?

August 9, 2021    Migration Lawyer Perth
How Many Types Of Bridging Visas In Australia And How It Works?

Bridging visas are transitory visas permitting aspirants to reside in the country for a specific time. It follows the present substantive visa expiration like a student visa. Individuals apply for it when another substantive visa is in process. The Bridging Visa is granted considering the below circumstances.

Your present visa has expired, and you are waiting for the finalization of a substantive visa.

  • You have registered to “the Administrative Appeals Tribunal” considering the decision of a visa cancellation or refusal.
  • Requested for a Ministerial Intervention
  • Waiting for a court appeal on the decision about the visa.
  • Making necessary arrangements to depart from the country as you have been an unlawful non-citizen.

Different Types Of Bridging Visas

Six different types of bridging visas are there, and they are:

1. Bridging Visa A Subclass 010 (BVA)

The BVA or

Bridging Visa A is sanctioned while applying for it when aspirants are in the country. They are also holding a valid visa, and the BVA will allow them to stay in the country after their substantive visa expires. It entitles them to travel anywhere within the country but cannot leave and then return to Australia.

It lets them stay in the country and gives the holder permission to study and work based on the previous substantive visa. If they wish to go abroad and return until the authorities have decided, apply for BVB.

2. Bridging Visa B Subclass 020 (BVB)

A BVB or Bridging Visa B permits the visa holder to travel. It comes with a travel period and authority indicating you have permission to travel outside the country and return. But while coming back, make sure it is within the time mentioned in the visa. It is granted in situations where enthusiasts hold a Bridging Visa B or A and are in effect.

The BVB acts like the BVA and permits you to work, reside, and study. The applicants who have a Bridging Visa B or Bridging Visa A can apply for a BVA. It will be in effect till a decision has been made on the visa application.

3. Bridging Visa C Subclass 030 (BVC)

A BVC or Bridging Visa C is available to all who voluntarily apply while staying unlawfully in the country. It is given when you are not holding a substantive visa and have become unlawful before registering for the new one. It is granted after the Department of Home Affairs has received a valid application with all the details. It is allotted for a time between the expiry of the previous one and applying for the new visa.

With a BVC, you cannot travel outside the country and return while holding a BVC. If you have left the country with this visa, you do not have permission to return. Also, you cannot apply for a BVB while holding a BVC. If you have a BVC, and it has stated a clause that says you cannot work, apply to remove this condition.

A BVC which does not have the work condition demonstrates that you need to work. It shows that if you do not work, then it can lead to financial hardship.

4. Bridging Visa (Subclass 041 and 040) (BVD) (Prospective Applicant)

BVD is granted to you when you are in a way to become unlawful and have attempted to apply for a substantive visa. However, the application was invalid, and you applied for a bridging visa giving you five days to lodge a valid visa. It does not come with any work entitlements. To qualify for this visa, you will be in the process of becoming unlawful within three working days of the bridging visa application or have become an unlawful non-citizen.

5. Bridging Visa E Subclass 051 and 050 (BVE)

A BVE is granted to non-citizens allowing them to stay in Australia lawfully. The visa has been granted to individuals who have been detected as unlawful. A BVE will give them sufficient time to leave the country voluntarily. It happens when a decision has been made to cancel a visa “under section 116 of the Migration Act 1958.” It is a way to remain in the country while making an application for a substantive visa. In addition, it is granted when you apply for a protection visa. The Department of Home Affairs grants the visa and if you need any help, call migration lawyers Perth.

The BVE has specific conditions and grants with reporting conditions. It comes with no study and no work conditions, but these things can be removed. But for that, you have to submit the details of why you would want to work and study.

6. Bridging Visa F Subclass 060 (BFV)

This visa applies to individuals who have an interest in police in the country. It concerns sexual servitude, trafficking, or deceptive recruiting. It allows you to reside in the country until the date mentioned by the Minister. It is 30 days or until the Minister says, “you are no longer a person of interest to the police.” In this consideration, a no-work condition is imposed in BFV.

Not Attaining The Eligibility Criteria For A Bridging Visa

Aspirants not attaining the requirements of a Bridging Visa won’t get it. Before applying, you must check all the clauses to ensure that all requirements are attained. In case a bridging visa is granted and has unfavourable conditions, there is no avenue for appeal. In such a situation, the only possibility would be to register for a subsequent bridging visa.

Final Thoughts

The Australian visa process is complicated, and various prerequisites need to be taken care of. Missing out on a single aspect can lead to problems that you have to deal with afterward. Instead of that, you can book an appointment with the migration lawyers in Perth, WA, and ask them for their service. When they are with you at every step, the chances of making mistakes reduce, and you will get your visa sanctioned without facing any rejection.

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