Who is Eligible to Apply for Bridging Visa D (subclass 040 & 041)

April 27, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Who is Eligible to Apply for Bridging Visa D (subclass 040 & 041)

If your previous Visa has expired and your new substance visa has yet to be approved, you can apply for the bridging visa D. It allows you to stay in Australia till your immigrant status legally is not resolved. It creates a bridge for you to stop floating in the middle. Instead, you can legalise your work and stay in the country with advanced facilities.

The bridging Visa has variants too. Hence, to find out your requirement, the solicitors can provide assistance. Besides, the blog has analysed the basic requirements to grant a BVD visa in Australia. Read More – How to Apply for Bridging Visa A (Subclass 010)

What Is an Australia Bridging Visa D?

If you are eagerly looking for an Australian visa that will grant you permission to stay in the country for a short time, then the bridging Visa is something you need. Also, if you are unwilling to work or leave the country, then bridging visa d will allow you to do that.

Until you uphold the arrangement for another substance visa, having a bridging visa d is essential. There are two variants of a bridging D visa. One is 040, and the other one is 041.

040 Bridging Visa and 041 Bridging Visa: What is the difference?

The 040 visa is for prospective applicants. This type of bridging visa d will be applicable to you

  • If you currently are not a holder of any visa.
  • Your Visa will lose validity within three working days.
  • You attempted to make an application for a substance visa but failed to grant it.
  • You can lodge a valid application within five working days.
  • The non-applicants can apply for the 041 visas. You can grant the 041 visas if the following apply to you.
  • You were unable to make the substance visa even after trying.
  • You wish to avoid making a substance visa because you plan to leave.
  • There was a crisis of authorised officers available to interview the eligible for a BVE.
  • Though the eligibility criteria, requirements and allowances are similar for both visas, you can choose what best suits you. Suppose you need help understanding the negligible differences between the two categories.

In that case, you can consult an experienced lawyer who will understand your state and suggest the best possible way. Read Also – How to Apply for Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)

Who Is Eligible to Apply for an Australia Bridging Visa D?

Anyone can apply for the BVD if the following elements apply.

  • You have to be present in Australia while applying for it.
  • If you are not a visa holder, that will expire within three days of your BVD application being lodged.
  • You have tried but have yet to apply for the substance visa due to the wrong application process or payment issues.
  • You want to do something other than apply for a substance visa.

If the following matches your condition, then you can apply for the bridging visa d. Also, you made an invalid substance visa application.

In that case, the Department of Immigration and border protection will inform you that you do not need to lodge a separate appeal. Read this – How to Apply for Bridging Visa B (020)

Key Requirements for an Australia Bridging Visa D

The bridging Visa has some key requirements for the candidate. In case you want to be the holder of a bridging visa d you have to fulfil the requirements.

  • Each member of the family needs to fill up the application form.
  • Everyone in the family should meet the eligibility criteria.
  • You must submit the evidential documents proving you are eligible at your nearby Australian offices.
  • Anyone who is included in the visa application must be present in Australia.
  • You must provide documents that prove your health and character match the criteria.

Other than that, you can choose the most convenient visa processing centre for you to verify the documents. After fulfilling the requirements will be able to grant the Visa within the notified time limit.

Australia Bridging Visa D Processing Times

As mentioned, you must comply with all the conditions to obtain the bridging visa d. You also have to satisfy the requirements to get the Visa processed within the given time limit. Simply put, the processing time depends on how you fill and submit the documents. If any of them gets rejected, your visa grant may get delayed.

In case you have submitted the documents properly and valued all the criteria, then you will get your Visa within the usual time. Hence, the usual time for visa processing is one week. If the officers reject your application or your Visa gets delayed, you can ask the Bridging visa lawyers Perth to manage the situation.

How Long Does a Bridging Visa D Last?

The Visa usually ends when any of the following happens.

  • Five working days after you grant the Visa.
  • Five working days from the date your substantive Visa ended
  • If you have been granted a BVE Within five days.

If your Visa ends like this, you must arrange to leave Australia. Otherwise, you have to immediately apply for a substance visa if you want to continue living in Australia. At this high time, the lawyers from Bridging visa lawyers Perth could provide excellent service. They are capable of giving you the most fruitful advice to overcome the situation without any complexities.

What is the allowance for bridging visa D?

The bridging visa D has limited yet favourable advantages for you. If you want to stay in the country for a specific period of time, then this particular Visa will be useful to you. Apart from that, before your immigrant status gets confirmed, you can uphold this Visa if you have no plan to leave Australia in between.

It just provides you with a sufficient aqueduct to apply for a substance visa. It also allows you to have sufficient time to prepare for leaving Australia or waiting for bridging visa E to be granted.

What are the things you must know before applying for a visa?

In case you are planning to grant the Visa for a specific time limit in Australia, you must be aware of certain things. As mentioned earlier, the Visa provides you with a very limited advantage with a few limitations.

  • It allows you to stay in Australia only if your previous substance visa has expired.
  • BVD does not allow you to work. Check out – Bridging Visa Work Rights
  • Bridging visa D only allows you to return to Australia once you depart.

Hence, before lodging your application, you must keep the necessary factors in mind. The Visa will be worthless for you if you need to depart from the country within the specified time limit it provides. You can not work under the allowance of this particular Visa.

Summing Up

In conclusion, you can apply for the bridging visa d only if you have the intention of leaving Australia or you were unable to receive permission for a substance visa. You have to keep in mind that it will not allow you to return to Australia once you depart. It can end once you grant the Visa you have applied for.

In this circumstance, the solicitors from Bridging Visa Lawyer Perth will analyse your eligibility and suggest you the 040 or 041 bridging visas d. They can provide you with immense assistance in all possible ways.

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