Bridging Visa C (subclass 030) – What is it & How to Apply

April 10, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Bridging Visa C (subclass 030) – What is it & How to Apply

Bridging visas are different from the other visas. They allow a temporary stay for you in Australia. People with no lawful visa can apply for the Bridging Visa C to make their stay legal in the country.

Hence, for the BVC, you do not need to have any previous visas. You can easily indulge in the Australian lifestyle with this particular permit. However, the visas are not permanent. They are valid up to a specific time limit. Until your leading visa gets renewed or issued, you can reside here with the help of a temporary permit.

Now, the allowance over this temporary visa is not like permanent visas. But there are certain permissions that can benefit you. The blog has discussed all the benefits you can receive from the BVC.

What is an Australia Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)?

A bridge is capable of filling a gap. Hence, in the case of a visa, the bridge is used to cover the processing time of another legal permission that usually takes a longer time to get issued. Bridging visas are temporary visas that grant you permission to reside in Australia by meeting all the legislative requirements.

If your current substantive visa is about to cease or it has already expired, you can grant the visa. Or else you will receive this permit if your new substantive visa is under process.

These visas are granted under certain circumstances. All of them do not allow you to travel outside the country. The bridging visa C is also one of the visas that fall under the category of temporary visas. However, you can not travel while upholding a C-category bridging visa.

How to Apply for an Australia Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)?

If you wish to know how to apply for a bridging visa after knowing how it does work, then you have to look for the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for BVC (Bridging Visa C) –

You have to meet the following conditions to become eligible for the BVC application.

  • You must never be a holder of bridging visa E.
  • Can only apply for a substantive visa once you are already holding it.
  • Must be a present resident of Australia when you apply for the BVC.
  • Determination of the judicial review must have been applied within the prescribed time frame.
  • At any age, you are eligible to grant this visa.
  • You must meet the medical and character requirements.

Once you match the eligibility conditions, next you have to prepare the documents that are required in the entire visa approval process.

Requirements for BVC (Bridging Visa C) –

Meeting the requirements is also important for proving your eligibility. Hence, you have to gather the following documents for visa approval.

  • Proof that you had a substantive visa or you have applied for one.
  • Proof of your residency in Australia.
  • Evidence that your medical and character certificate corresponds with the eligibility criteria.

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Once you meet all the necessary requirements, you can lodge your appeal for the BVC. This would help you grant errorless and uninterrupted visa permission.

What allowance can we get with the BVC (Bridging Visa C)?

Due to its limited timeframe, the allowances are also very limited, regardless of how it enables certain privileges for you. Your temporary living can get sorted with the BVC permit.

The visa can benefit you in this particular aspect.

  • Allows you to reside in Australia lawfully.
  • It replaces your substantive visa until the new one is processed.
  • Allows you to work in the country freely.
  • BVC gets processed within a short time period.

All these benefits are served by the subclass visa c. Hence, if you want to have a legal living after your substantive visa has ceased, you can apply for this visa. Moreover, you can get all the necessary services from the visa that are required to lead a simple lifestyle in Australia for a temporary period of time.

If you are seeking to grant a visa within a short interval of time or want the process to be cost-effective, the BVC is what you need to get. It requires no direct charges to issue this visa. In this regard, you can receive adequate assistance from the Bridging visa lawyer to get the application done optimistically.

How Long Does it Take To Grant Bridging C Visa?

Granting this visa is easy and time effective if you have met all the necessary conditions and character requirements.  Therefore, its processing time is also not very long.

Generally, there are not any processing times. You can grant it within a few days of your application if you completely match the eligibility criteria. Thus, you do not need to wait day after day to grant this permit. Consult an experienced lawyer and get this done as fast as possible.

How Long Does A Bridging Visa C Last?

A bridging visa does not generally run for more than a month. However, the BVC has no such fixed time limits. You can use the visa until your substantive is processed. Or in this case, until the proceedings of the judicial review are completed or refused, the visa remains to be validated.

Despite that, your BVC can immediately end in the following conditions.

  • Your BVC was valid, but you left Australia.
  • You have been granted your substantive visa.
  • You have been granted some other bridging visa in relation to the BVC-associated substantive visa application.
  • If you upheld a substantive visa while your BVC has been granted, one of them has to be cancelled.

If any of the conditions apply to you, then your bridging visa C can immediately get cancelled. You will no longer be able to receive benefits from the visa. Neither will you be able to get the benefits.

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Benefits of BVC Over Other Bridging Visas

All the other bridging visas carry different purposes.

Hence, why would you choose the BVC over the others?

The following points are presented to give a justified answer to this question.

  • You can make valid applications for some of the subclass visas with BVC.

Therefore, selecting a bridging visa C would give limited as well as the most required privileges to lawfully residing in Australia.


The bridging visa C is, thus, helpful for people who want to legalise their living in Australia. It allows a cost-effective permission grant for which you do not need to wait for long. Hence, consult a Migration lawyer Perth WA today to get your BVC issued to obtain all the free-of-cost privileges.

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