How to Apply for a Bridging Visa?

March 8, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
How to Apply for a Bridging Visa?

If you ever plan to study abroad in Australia, you will need a correct Visa to relocate there. But after a certain point of time, your existing Visa will expire. Nevertheless, an Australian Bridging Visa will come to your rescue and enable you to stay legally in Australia. It allows you to ‘bridge’ the gap between your former Visa and the Visa you’re currently applying for.

Now, if you are wondering, “how do I apply for a Bridging Visa, ” you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you informative insights into the ways of applying for a Bridging Visa. But before that, we will give you a quick run through the types of bridging visas with working rights, their purpose, and some important facts.

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How to Apply for a Bridging Visa in Australia?

If you wish to apply for a Bridging Visa in Australia, you need to follow the same procedure as your substantive Visa. Nevertheless, you have the privilege to apply for it either online or through a paper application.

• Online Application

To apply online for your Bridging Visa, you need to use the ImmiAccount platform to lodge your application. Here, you must fill out all the required fields of your application form and submit it online.

• Paper Application

To make a paper application, you must manually fill in the Bridging Visa form. And once you have completely filled it out, you need to send your application via post or email. You need to send your application to the nearest Australian Visa Office, as you might be asked for an interview. But if you choose to send your application via email, you need to check the emails listed on the web page of the Immigration Department that corresponds to your area.

Nevertheless, if you request a judicial review, you need to make a paper application for your Bridging Visa. Now that you are familiar with the Bridging Visa application process, we will quickly check out the purpose of a Bridging Visa.

What is the Purpose of a Bridging Visa?

Please note that you can use a Bridging Visa for different purposes. So, you can apply and be granted a Bridging Visa for several reasons. Some of the most common ones are:

• If your original Visa has expired and you’re awaiting approval for your substantive Visa.

• If you are awaiting the decision of an Administrative Appeals Tribunal on a Visa refusal or cancellation.

• If you are awaiting a court decision on an appeal regarding your Visa.

• If you are staying in Australia unlawfully but meanwhile making arrangements to depart Australia voluntarily.

• If you have requested a Ministerial Intervention, etc.

Important Facts Regarding Bridging Visas

Before you choose to apply for a Bridging Visa, there are certain things you should know. Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of some important facts regarding Bridging Visas:

• Bridging Visas are not meant for long-term usage

• Bridging Visas com with travelling restrictions

• The type of Bridging Visa that you will be issued completely depends on your situation

To Conclude

Handling the entire procedure and the issues related to Bridging Visas all by yourself might be very difficult. So, to make things a little easier, you can seek professional help. Only the best Bridging Visa lawyers Perth will be able to help you in this regard. As they have years of experience, they are capable of providing the highest quality service.

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