What Are The Major Changes To The Temporary Visa Holders In Australia Due To COVID-19?

July 18, 2020    Migration Lawyer Perth
What Are The Major Changes To The Temporary Visa Holders In Australia Due To COVID-19?

Are you the holder of a substantial Temporary Work Visa of Australia? 

If yes, then you should become aware of the major changes which have occurred for temporary visa holders in Australia. The Australian government has specifically made these changes in the light of the Covid-19 crisis. They are doing this to primarily protect the economic and healthcare status of the several Australians out there. These changes will also provide a backup to the critical sectors of Australia and for the swift eradication of Covid-19.

How Many Temporary Visa Holders Are There In Australia?

At present, there are 2.17 million applicants who are staying in Australia on a temporary visa. These people have actually come to Australia to serve various purposes. Some of them have come to study a full-time course, visit family and friends, replenish vacant positions etc. Many of them are also holding a work and holiday visa to work in Australia temporarily. To get comprehensive information about these changes, the best Migration Lawyers Perth can help you out.

Temporary Visa Holders Won’t Get Unconditional Work Rights And Governmental Payments

The occurrence of the Coronavirus pathogen has been quite beneficial for the several permanent visa holders and New Zealand dwellers. They will get the privilege of certain governmental payments including the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments. Conversely, temporary Australian visa holders will be denied the access to this facility.

How These Changes Will Affect The Temporary Visa Holders?        

It has always been observed that temporary work visa holders have been able to financially support themselves. The significant changes which have been made for them due to Covid-19 will hopefully affect them positively. These changes have been specifically made for those who had faced reduced work hours or abrupt dismissal because of Covid-19.     

 A Look At The Prominent Changes For The Temporary Visa Holders

A number of changes have been imposed on the various temporary Australian visa holders.  Amongst these changes, the most significant change is their right to access their superannuation account. This will let the temporary Australian visa holders to financially support them, especially during the Covid-19 crunch. On the contrary, temporary visa holders who won’t have this provision for the next 6 months can return home. Some of the prominent changes which these temporary Australian visa holders will face are given below.

 Working Holiday Visa Holders

Currently, there are 118,000 applicants who are working in Australia on a Working Holiday visa. These people are presently supporting the several critical sectors of Australia in the light of Covid-19. These include childcare, food processing, agriculture, disability and aged care, etc. Temporary visa holders who are presently serving these sectors will get an exemption from the six months work constraint with a single employer.

Permission To Apply For A New Visa

Temporary visa holders will also be able to apply for another visa to continue working in essential services in Australia. The fact is they can do this only if their previous visa is about to expire within the next 6 months. Working and holiday visa holders who won’t get these provisions should leave the nation as soon as possible.

Temporary Skilled Visa Holders

Presently, there around 139,000 people working in Australia as temporary skilled visa holders. These people are entitled to stay in Australia either for a period of 2 or 4 years. Through a skilled temporary visa they are able to fill the skilled positions in Australia. This employment will continue even after the plight of Covid-19 has eradicated. Visa holders who have been dismissed but haven’t stopped working can extend the validity of their visa. The same rule will apply to the various business professionals in Australia.

Access To $10,000 Superannuation

Temporary skilled visa holders will now also be able to optimize a sum of $10,000 from their superannuation account. Visa holders who are denied access to these provisions should leave the country according to their relevant visa conditions. Conversely, temporary visa holders with a validity of 4 years can apply for a new visa. They can do this only if they have been employed by their respective bosses once more.

444 Visa Holders

New Zealand residents staying and working in Australia on the visa subclass 444 will also get certain privileges. Visa holders who have turned up in Australia before 26th February, 2001 will become eligible for JobKeeper and Welfare payments. Visa holders who have come to Australia after this period will be considered eligible for the JobKeeper payments. They can access this facility for 6 months if they have resided in Australia for 10 years or above.

What’s Ahead?

Visa holders who are denied access to these two privileges should return to the New Zealand as soon as possible.

For Offshore Learners

Presently, there are 565,000 international learners whoare studying different types of vocational and higher educational courses. These students have contributed significantly to the economic and tertiary sectors of Australia serving around 240,000 jobs. Overseas students who have stayed in Australia for more than 1 year can optimize their superannuation account due to Covid-19.

Occurrence Of Financial Crunch

They can do this only if they are facing a financial crunch. The Australian government has allied with its academic sector regarding furthermore financial assistance to these students. Students who have failed to meet their visa conditions will get some flexibility from the Australian government as well.

Holders Of Visitor Visa

There are right now 203,000 people residing in Australia on a visitor visa with a duration of 3 months. Offshore tourists are suggested to get back to their native countries having no family support. The best Migration Lawyers Perth WA can provide you comprehensive information in this regard. These migration lawyers are advising other visitor visa holders to do the same.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the noteworthy visa changes for the temporary Australian visa holders due to Covid-19. A top-notch migration lawyer in Perth has a sound knowledge about the Migration Law of Australia. This is the reason you can get the finest service from the agents as he or she will be informed regarding these changes.

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