Know The Legal Process: How To Get An Employer-Sponsored Visa In Australia

December 16, 2021    Migration Lawyer Perth
Know The Legal Process: How To Get An Employer-Sponsored Visa In Australia

Willing to move to Australia on an employer-sponsored visa?

You need to find an employer to sponsor your visa for the 457, RSMS and other work visas. However, it might be an overwhelming job to find an employer who would be ready to sponsor you. The employer needs significant time and money to sponsor an employee.

Here is a guide to help you in the process of finding an employer for an employer-sponsored visa. However, it is a great idea to get in touch with an Australian Migration Lawyer to guide and support you through the process.

Travel To Australia

Most employers need to meet you in person to become willing to sponsor your visa. When they meet you face to face, they have a better chance of getting convinced to sponsor you. You can come to Australia on a working holiday or a student visa and work for the employer. When they experience your credibility as an employee, they have a better chance to sponsor you.

Speak Australian English

To get sponsored as an employee, you need to speak Australian English. Even if you have a good grasp of English, you need to know the Australian English dialect well. You might enrol in a course or spend time in Australia to learn the language.

Make Plans From Before

If you are a student or a working holiday visa holder in Australia, start looking for an employer early on. Don’t wait till the student or working holiday visa expires. You will be able to find an employer without stress and rush. Migration Lawyers in Perth WA, will be able to assist you in this planning and make you aware of the nuances of the procedure.

Get Employed With The Employer

You will work 40 hours per fortnight with a student visa, and you can also get employment with a working holiday visa. Start working for an employee early on and let them experience the kind of worker you are. If you are a great worker, they would be happy to sponsor you.

Get Direct With Your Employer About Sponsoring

If you are honest with your employer from the beginning that you want them to sponsor your visa, it will be easier for you, and you will save time. If the employer you are approaching is not willing to sponsor you, you can move on to find an employer with the provision.

Search For An Employer Who Sponsors Immigrant Workers

If a business already has sponsored foreign workers, it must be a sponsor approved by the authorities. Sponsoring an employee is easier for them, and it takes less time and hassle on their part. Therefore target the companies that have one or multiple sponsored international employees. Find out about their requirements and vacancy, find out whom you need to get in touch with and go for it.

Make It Simpler For The Employer

If the company doesn’t need to put too much effort into your sponsorship, they will have greater chances to sponsor your visa. You must inform them about the requirements they need to fulfill to become a standard business sponsor. You need to understand the visa process fully before you approach an employer, and you should also know what the employer needs to go through to sponsor an immigrant employee. While approaching the employer, you must explain to them the process and convince them, stating what they need to do and how simple it is. It would be best to prepare the answers to inquiries that the employers might have about the visa sponsorship process. You must plan it out from before.

Do A Lot Of Professional Networking

The only way to find an employer who would be ready to sponsor you is to put yourself out on the market. Inform people that you are searching for an employer to get your visa sponsored. You can also use social media or professional networking sites like Linked In to find a job in Australia. Ensure that you make your profile professional and presentable.

Be Prepared To Be Rejected Multiple Times

Any individual approaching employers for sponsorship will mostly receive a lot of rejections from the businesses. Most employers would not want to go through a sponsorship process’s inconveniences. However, with every rejection, you will get closer to approval.


The process of getting sponsored might get overwhelming, but it will be extremely rewarding once you are successful. If you get assisted by immigration lawyers, that would be the best. They will help you with understanding the visa process in detail. You will be made aware of all the requirements and documents you need to apply for an employed sponsor visa. With an experienced professional by your side, it will be much easier for you to get a sponsorship for your employer-sponsored visa in Australia.

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