Types or Categories of Partner Visas with Working Rights

May 16, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Types or Categories of Partner Visas with Working Rights

Australia gives you full privileges to grow your profit as a migrant. But no matter how much you are earning, nothing can be happier than bringing your better half to your city. You no longer need to stay apart from your partner. The partner visa lawyer can help you with your full potential.

They can assist your partner in granting the partner visa. It has a few variants that prioritize your eligibility and affordability. You can read the blog to unlock crucial information about the various types of partner visas.

The partner visa has somewhat premium privileges as the other visas. Most importantly, it allows your spouse to work. It also has a permanent visa category to legalize your partner’s indefinite residence in the country.

Different Types of Partner Visas with working rights?

Each category of the visa serves a different purpose. You can check them all in case you wish to grant permission for a partner visa. Here are the different categories of partner visas.

1. Temporary Partner Visa

It is also known as Subclass 820. Your partner can temporarily reside with you in your country with it. It would provide a legal base until the application status for a permanent visa is not finalized. Your partner is allowed to associate in working in the country with the visa. It is also a pathway to the permanent partner visa. You need to have it in order to apply for the subclass 801 visa.

2. Permanent Visa

The subclass 801 visa or the permanent partner visa legalizes your partner’s stay in the country for an indefinite time. It can be granted if your partner is already onshore under the subclass 820 visa. It also grants permission for working without prevention in Australia. Your partner needs to be above 18 years to apply for the visa. Also, it is a huge requirement for you to be a New Zealand or Australian citizen.

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3. Partner Provisional Visa (Subclass 309)

Partner Visa Subclass 309 lets your partner stay permanently in Australia. It also applies to an eligible citizen of New Zealand to live in the country legally. You can issue the visa for your spouse while the permanent visa processing is ongoing. Your partner can get to work full-time with the partner visa working rights.

4. Partner Migrant Visa

It is known as the Subclass 100 visa. It is intended to grant the eligible offshore partner permanent residence in Australia. It allows you to sponsor your family member to come and reside in the country. Under this visa also, your spouse can also seamlessly work in the country.

5. Prospective Marriage Visa

Another name for a prospective marriage visa is subclass 300. You and your partner have to be above 18 years to obtain the visa. You must have an intention to marry your prospective spouse. Your partner can stay up to nine months in the country. It lets them travel as well. They can indulge in work if they want.

The partner visa is one of the most useful visas. It allows you to bring your partner to your working country. You can sponsor them. It provides so many allowances that your partner may need. You and your partner must be committed to a genuine relationship to get eligible.

In the case of subclass 300, you must have the intention of marrying them. You can start with a temporary partner visa. Meanwhile, you can complete your application for the visa, which would be comprehensive to your and your partner’s needs.

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