Get Your Australian Partner Visa Approved With These 7 Easy Tips!

August 17, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
Get Your Australian Partner Visa Approved With These 7 Easy Tips!

The Australian partner visa process can be confusing and will need plenty of time and effort. You will need to gather evidence for all the needed documents and meet specific eligibility criteria before you apply for a partner visa.

You can contact migration lawyers in Perth if you are having difficulty filling out an Australian partner visa application form. In this blog, you will obtain all the needed information about the application process and financial requirements for the Australian partner visa.

What Are Australia’s Temporary And Permanent Partner Visas?

An Australian partner visa is also known by the name Australian spouse visa. Being the primary applicant for the visa, your partner needs to be either a citizen, permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen.

With the help of an Australian partner visa, a de facto partner or spouse who is in a committed relationship can immigrate to Australia. To apply for the partner visa, you need to be legally married or in a de facto relationship with a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.

Tips To Approve Your Australian Partner Visa-

Some of the tips that can help your Australian partner visa get approved are:

-You Must Apply For The Right Partner Visa

Applying for the right partner visa depends on your eligibility and whether there is evidence to support the visa application. Your visa conditions should also allow you to apply for another Australian visa. You can take the help of migration agents in the country to know the correct marriage, spousal or partner visa that you must apply for.

There are three main types of partner visas that you can be eligible for; you can know more about them from visa lawyers. The three partner visas in Australia are:

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

The subclass 300 visa or the prospective marriage visa is also known as the Fiancé visa. It allows an individual to arrive in Australia and marry their partner in the span of nine months after being granted the visa. After this, you can apply for a combined temporary and partner subclass 820 visa after marriage and within the timeframe of your current visa.

Subclass 820/821 Onshore Partner Visa

You can make an application for the subclass 820 and 821 partner visas while you are physically residing in Australia. As a visa applicant, you need to check the current visa conditions to make sure that you are eligible to apply for the partner visa and also provide the minimum required criteria.

Subclass 309/100 Offshore Partner Visas

These are partner visa applications that you can make outside of Australia and will only be granted when you are outside the country. Before you apply for this visa, you need to check the eligibility criteria and ensure that you provide the minimum criteria.

-Certified Documents And Transitions To English

The Australian partner visa can be a combined application for permanent residency in the country. This is why before you apply for the visa, you need to ensure that you have already certified your identity documents, and if they are not in English, you need to get the documents translated by a certified translator.

-You Need To Show Proper Evidence Early On To Meet The Criteria Of The Partner Visa

You might not have thought about applying for a partner visa before you first met your partner or soulmate. But with time, you may think that both of you can’t live separately without the other. You will want to see each other for the rest of your lives, but showing that your relationship meets the criteria can be different.

Your main aim should be to acquire a successful partner visa without wasting time. To make this happen, you must demonstrate to the authorities that you and your partner have lived together for a certain time. For de facto partner visas, you must demonstrate that both of you lived together for at least a year.

For married couples, it is necessary to show that there is a genuine and continuing relationship from the time of marriage or that both have courted each other for some time before marriage. Every relationship needs to show reasonable evidence taken from the start of the relationship to the period of lodgement; this will show that your relationship is genuine and has continued to the exclusion of others.

Before contacting family visa lawyers, you can think of things that are special in your relationship by which the Department of migrations will easily grant you the visa. As you know, all relationships are unique; you may not have an easy time demonstrating proper evidence; in such cases, you can contact migration agents who can help you demonstrate the authenticity of your relationship.

-You Must Demonstrate That You And Your Sponsor Are People Who Hold Good Character

You will need to provide police checks from the country you came from and any other nation where you lived for more than a year or in the last ten years. You may think that small or minor traffic offences may not need to be declared, but it is essential that you declare them.

All the visa applicants are strictly tested against the Australian government’s character test. If you are unable to declare any minor infringements of the law, you will be providing misleading and false information to the Australian Department. This can lead to your partner’s visa being refused and can also result in a three-year ban from applying for any other Australian visa.

If you and your sponsor have been convicted before, you will need to explain why you hold good character. If you have concerns or fear regarding your background and if you need to declare any previous convictions, you can talk with the experts. They can properly guide you in such cases.

-You Need To Update The Department On Your Relationship And Immediately Respond To Further Information Requests

When you find that the processing time for a partner visa is long, it indicates that many partner visas are being lodged. This indicates that your partner visa application needs to be unique and stand out from the other applications, making them easier to assess.

When you meet the minimum criteria for a partner visa, you will ensure that your visa application is valid. But you need to step forward and improve your application with stronger evidence that will indicate that your relationship is genuine and continuing.

-You Must Show That You Will Be An Asset To Australia

As an individual, you are more than just your relationship. You may have dreams and hopes to build the future of not only yourself but also that of your partner. But you need to know what your contribution in Australia will be and what profession you want to be a part of in this country. Your contribution to Australia is just as important as your spouse’s life partner.

-You Can Opt For Advice Before It Is Late

People say that it is never too late to receive advice; this is true, especially in the case of a family visa or partner visa application. Planning for the visa application is the best way by which you can properly lodge your partner visa, and you also need to meet the criteria so that it can be a successful application.

Your circumstances may not be the same as others, and this is why you need advice from experts and depend on their experience. Top migrations agents or lawyers in Australia can provide you with proper advice based on your circumstances. As they are experts in this area, you can receive valuable help from them.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Partner Visa In Australia?

The top eligibility requirements for an Australian partner visa are:

  • One of the top eligibility requirements is that your relationship needs to be genuine and long-term.
  • You and your partner need to live together permanently.
  • You and your partner must have been in a relationship for a year.
  • Both of you need to pass the health and character criteria.

Steps To Apply For A Partner Visa From Your Home Country

The steps to apply for a successful partner visa are as follows:

Step: 1-You Need To Prepare Your Documents

You must be prepared to provide all important documents to improve your visa or immigration process.

Step: 2- You Must Lodge The Australian Partner Visa Application

Your need to lodge an online Australian partner visa application, and after lodging the application, you must pay the fees and keep the receipt.

Step: 3- Know What Decisions The DHA Took

After you place your partner visa application, it can take months for the DHA to decide on your visa application.

Step: 4- You Need To Wait To Get Approval.

After you have acquired the approval from the Department of Home Affairs, you will receive the visa and start moving to Australia.

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If you want to live with your partner in Australia, you need to apply for a partner visa. Your partner needs to be a citizen or a permanent resident for you to be eligible for the visa; you can contact Migration Lawyers Perth WA for the best immigration lawyers in the area. They can help you know about the terms and conditions of the partner visa.

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