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Migrating to a new country is not a very easy step. Apart from acquainting oneself with the culture and practices of the place it also becomes very important to take care of the various documents that are related to migration. A number of requirements need to be cleared and various permissions also need to be taken from the right authorities. Even the visas come under different categories and it becomes very important for you to apply for the right kind of visa that applies to your situation

If you migrate to a new country without the proper paper woks or are found to be living with the wrong kind of visa or with an expired visa, you may as well be detained immediately or you may even be forbidden from entering the country again.

Setting all your documents right and seeking all the right sets of permission within the limited time that is available too you may not be at all an easy task. For this, you may require both expertise and knowledge which you can find with competent migration lawyers. Migration lawyers Perth, unlike the general lawyers, have a wider and more specialized knowledge of the various laws that are related to migration. They also have more experience and field knowledge when it comes to migration and it’s related affairs.

Types and categories of Visas –

If you have migrated to Australia recently or are planning to migrate to Australia any time soon it may be very useful for you to know about its various types of visa so that you may determine in which category you may fit in best.

1. Students Visa:

Student’s visa is applicable to all those who come to study in Australia. But even the student’s visa, there are specific subclasses and categories. There are three main classes of student visa – the student visa, training visa, and graduate visa.

The students’ visa is applicable to all those who apply to recognized schools, colleges or universities in Australia. Within this, there is also the provision for student’s guardian visa whereby the applicant can stay as a guardian for all those students who are below 18 years of age

The training visa applies to those who are taking some kind of professional training from institutes or offices across Australia.

The Graduate visa likewise applies to all those who have graduated from colleges across Australia. It allows them to stay on to find job opportunities or take further training within Australia.

2. Bridging Visa:

The bridging visa allows an applicant to stay on until the applicant can make arrangements to return back to the respective home country after the initial visa has expired. There are several relaxations and subcategories even within this which can be given to you in details by your lawyer

3. Medical treatment visas:

These are for patients who are willing to be treated under Australian doctors. In this category, details have to be given of the medical condign. In cases of certain diseases that are thought to be contagious or which can pose a threat to the people of the nation, the patient may be barred entry. Medical visas are typically for a short duration of time only

4. Employer-Sponsored Visas:

The employer-sponsored visas apply to those who are coming to work on the Australian soil. Even there are three subcategories pertaining to the term of agreement of the job and other such factors.

Apart from these common types, an applicant may also apply in other Migration lawyers Perth, categories such as Family Visa, Former and Returning Resident Visa, Refugee and Humanitarian Visa, Skilled visa, temporary work Visa, Visitor Visa and the like. Many of them have sub-sections within them which prove to be very complicated for the ordinary applicant. This is where the role of migration lawyers becomes even more important.

Stay up to date with your visa

These migration lawyers not only advice you on the various paper works that need to be done but they also help you in applying and renewing your visa if it is due for expiry. It may be that you had entered the country with a student visa but have now graduated and are working with a farm. Under these circumstances, it becomes important to change the category of your visa and apply for the category in which you fit in.

In this too you may be assisted by your Migration lawyers Perth, who also offer you visa related services.

Find Competent Visa Lawyers

If you are looking for competent visa lawyers Perth who can help you in solving all your visa related to issues, you may get in touch with the Tang Law Migration Lawyers Perth WA immediately. Composed of some of the most competent lawyers of the entire nation, they help you in resolving all your issues related to visa as well as migration.

When you have a group of such competent lawyers by your side you may rest assured that you will have your work done seamlessly and in no time. Added to that, they also provide you with sound advice and the kind of support that you would require under such circumstances.

The consultation fees of the lawyer is also very minimal in comparison to the kind of top-notch service that they offer. Apart from that, you may even have a quote regarding the entire expenditure that you may incur beforehand through their website as well.

Even if your visa has been rejected, do not be upset, as these lawyers are experts in appealing and turning the verdict in your favor.

The Tang Law Migration Lawyers office is found across different parts of the nation so that you do not have a problem in approaching them irrespective of where you may be located. If you are not in a position to meet them in their office, you may also opt for an online consultation. Book your consultation with them today!

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