Studying as international student in Australia is perfect means of learning new skills along with the unique local lifestyle. Student Visa Australia is an ideal option for the students to study and participate in professional training modules while enhancing career opportunities. The applicants of this visa are required to fulfill certain criteria of the visa stream they want to apply.

Categories of Student visas:

The Student Visa has three different categories — Student visa, Training visa, and Australian Graduate visa.

Student Visa:

Student Visa Subclass 500

If you are planning to get enrolled in a recognized educational institute in Australia as an international student than you can apply for Subclass 500 Visa. The educational institution that you are planning to enrol at must grant acceptance to study to get the visa approval. This visa remains valid for 5 years from the date of issuance.

Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590

Subclass 590 Student Visa enables the applicants to stay as guardian of the student who is below 18 years of age and is studying in an accredited educational institute in Australia. Parents, relatives or the legal guardian of the international student can apply for this category of Student Visa for Australia.

Training Visa Subclass 407

Apply for Training Visa subclass 407 which enables you want to participate in professional development training program in Australia. You can enhance your skills and expertise by participating in workplace-based training modules. Subclass 407 Visa allows you to stay in Australia for maximum of 2 years.

Australian Graduate Visa (Temporary) Subclass 485

International students who have accomplished graduation from an Australian institute can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 to remain in Australia for work or further studies after finishing the education. This is a temporary visa and the students can apply under two streams: Graduate work stream and post-study work stream. The applicants must fulfill all the other requirements of the visa type they want to apply.

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