Australian Bridging Visa E – How to Apply, Processing Time & More

May 5, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Australian Bridging Visa E – How to Apply, Processing Time & More

Bridging visas are a temporary yet legalised form of permit to grant you permission to stay in Australia. Similarly, a bridging visa E lets you legalise your residence until you are making arrangements to leave.

Australia has multiple opportunities in business, higher study and residential. People wish to come and stay here permanently or for a short period of time. The government offers legalisation for both.

There are several categories of permanent and temporary visas in Australia. Subclass 050 and 051 visas are one of temporary visas. The blog has introduced both their allowances and criteria. You will get to know for which one you can apply.

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What Is an Australia Bridging Visa E?

Firstly, you need to understand that the visa is going to permit you to stay permanently in the country. You may not be able to travel by upholding the visa. Now the question might arrive in your head of what can be done with this visa.

Well, the answer is this visa can support your residence while your previous visa has expired, and you are not willing to apply for a permanent visa as you are leaving Australia. It will also help you to stay legally while you are waiting to finalise your immigration matter.

What Is the Difference Between Subclass 050 and 051 Visa?

The bridging visa E has two categories. One is subclass 050, and the other one is 051. The subclass 050 visa is for-

  • Non-citizens who have overstayed their visas.
  • The applicants who had their visa applications refused.
  • The applicants who have lodged a further appeal against their visa cancellation.

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On the other hand, the non-citizens who can grant subclass 051 are-

  • In immigration detention.
  • They have applied for a Protection visa.

These are the fundamental differences for which the two categories of visas coexist.

Who Can Apply for an Australia Bridging Visa E?

Non-citizens under a non-finalised immigrant status can apply for the bridging visa E. More specifically, you have to be under any of the below circumstances.

  • You are illegally residing in Australia.
  • You are a holder of BVE (050).
  • You were a holder of BVD (041) at the time of application.
  • You applied for a protection visa, whose decision has yet to be finalised.
  • Your protection visa application was denied.
  • You applied for a judicial review to determine your immigrant status.
  • The immigrant status is in detention.

But remember that meeting the eligibility criteria is equally important for your application. People who are eligible only will be able to grant the visa successfully. If you are under any of the conditions, Bridging visa lawyers Perth can help you lodge your application. They will educate you well about the criteria.

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Requirements for Australia Bridging Visa E

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to gather evidence that will prove your eligibility. These are the following requirements that you need to fulfil in order to lodge your bridging visa E application.

  1. Identity documents like passports.
  2. Evidence of your moral character condition meeting.
  3. Passport photos and your fingerprints.
  4. Bridging visa E application form.
  5. Copies of visa application.
  6. Evidence of Judicial review proceedings.
  7. Intervention request from the Ministry.
  8. If you are leaving Australia, the date of departure.
  9. The country you are leaving Australia for.
  10. Your ticket is to prove that you are indeed headed to another country.

Meeting the requirements is extremely important as any fluctuation in them can increase the bridging visa E processing time. It is advised to you to gather all the documents to prove your appeal in the visa office. This would help you have a faster grant of the BVE.

Australia Bridging Visa E Processing Time

The interesting fact is that there is no lengthy processing time for the BVE. The visa is granted based on a case-by-case order. It takes no specific time to get processed. As soon as you apply for it, the department tries to get you as fast as possible.

Regardless, the bridging visa E processing time can vary if you have yet to meet all the requirements adequately. Thus fulfilling the requirements should be your first priority or your visa’s processing time will fluctuate.

How Long Does a Bridging Visa E Last?

The bridging visa remains valid only for a specific time limit. The time is granted by considering your immigrant status in Australia. Hence, you can use it until a specific time, day or event. Your visa may expire if any of the following occur.

  • Your substance visa application has been finalised.
  • You left Australia.
  • Your BVE application is cancelled.

Once your BVE is ended, the department will not allow you to extend your stay. In that case, you need to get a new BVE visa all over again.

How to Apply for a Bridging Visa E?

You can lodge your application in both online and offline ways.

Online Application

If you are applying for the subclass 050 visa, the online application is preferable. In that case, you are going to need the ImmiAccount platform. From this platform, you can lodge your application.

Paper Work

You can use the manual format to lodge your application as well. For that, you have to fill out the application form and send it via post to your nearest visa application office. They will call you for an interview as soon as they get your application.


You can also email the application form to your nearest visa office. But once you send an email, remember to check whether the email is listed on the Immigration Department Webpage of your nearby area. Through these three formats, you can easily apply for the visa yourself.

What Allowances Can You Get With the Bridging Visa E?

The visa can offer you minimal allowances because of its short timeframe. But you can appeal for some extended benefits. The ability to provide proof can grant permission.

Bridging Visa E work rights

Unfortunately, you will not be getting any working advantages through the bridging visa E work rights. In actual terms, it provides you with no work rights. But if you are eager to work because of any financial hardship, they might grant you permission.

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In that case, you can grant permission to work by proving that you are going through monetary difficulties. Under this work right, they will allow you to work for a maximum of 40 hours in a timeframe of two-week.

Travel Rights

You are also not allowed to travel with the subclass 050 or 051 visa. Once you depart from the country, your visa will immediately be put to an end.

To extend some of your rights, you can contact a bridging visa lawyer. They are knowledgeable enough to advise you. You may even be able to receive the rights.


In conclusion, the bridging visa E lets you legally reside in Australia when your immigrant status is not finalised. This visa can be applied for when you are seeking to leave Australia in a few days. To apply for the visa, you need to follow a few criteria and fulfil the verification requirements. You can get guidance from Bridging visa lawyers Perth to avoid errors in your application.

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