Visitors Visa – Frequently Ask Questions (Faq’s)

July 11, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Visitors Visa – Frequently Ask Questions (Faq’s)

Visitor Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to enjoying your leisure hours with family, friends or loved ones, and you wish to surpass the borders of your own country, Australia would be a great option. The vast greenery, blue seas, and picture-perfect locations are indeed the major attractions for wanderlust souls.

However, to visit the country, you will have to apply for a visitor visa and qualify for it. In the process, there might be quite a few doubts and questions that would come to your mind. Here’s a quick look at all the crucial queries and their answers, as that would make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

In this post, you will come across some victory visa FAQs that can provide you with answers to questions that are normally asked by people. Let’s get started!

Q1. What are the Factors Considered By the Immigration Department When Offering Visitor Visas?

The requirement of any person or group of people is different for visiting Australia, and the immigration department of the country has prepared several options to choose from. The factors behind this division of visas are the following:

  • Location of the applicant.
  • Length of stay
  • Passport of the country the candidate resides in.

The candidate must choose the most appropriate visa, fulfil its eligibility requirements, and follow the visa specifications. If the rules seem complex or confusing, it is always better to take the opinion of the most skilled visitor visa Lawyer firm.

Q2. What Issues Might I Face When Applying for a Visitor Visa?

For candidates who apply for the visitor visa and have provided information that doesn’t match their actual passport, their visa might get denied. That’s why it’s important for all candidates to be extremely careful when providing information on the application form.

On certain occasions, candidates might not receive messages related to visas. He/she will find them in their spam folder. One can speak to the best visitor visa Lawyer in Perth to learn about the issues or difficulties they might experience when applying for this visa.

3. Is It Possible to Extend My Stay in the Country On a Visitor Visa?

Yes, it’s possible. But the professional visitor visa Lawyer in Perth has said that the process to extend a person’s stay in Australia might be complicated. It’s because the extension depends heavily on several aspects, such as:

  • A person’s length of time in the country
  • The conditions on the person’s current visa
  • The person’s intended activities in Australia
  • Whether or not the person can show that they have proper funds.

Individuals can take up the online assessment to check whether or not they are qualified to extend their stay on a victory visa.

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4. When is the Best Time to Apply for a Visitor Visa?

Well, it depends on the candidate. If a person’s visa is valid for at least 12 months, he/she can easily apply for a visitor visa whenever they want. Reputed visitor visa Lawyers have pointed out that one should apply for this visa before they book a holiday trip.

Q5. I want to Apply for a Visitor Visa. Does My Passport Need to Have a 6 Month Validity For It?

When you apply for any visitor visa, whether it’s Subclass 602 Visa or a medical visa, the Australian Government has advised that all applicants must have a passport that carries 6 months of validity. One just needs to make sure that they have a valid passport when they enter Australian soil.

But whether or not one will get the chance to enter Australia will depend on the border staff. So, there is no guarantee he/she can enter the nation no matter how long their passport has been valid.

Q6. Is It Possible to Leave and Re-Enter Australia with a Visitor Visa?

The visitor visa Lawyer Perth has pointed out that when a person has an EVisitor Visa, one will be qualified to enter and then re-enter the country as long as the visa is valid. When a person holds a visitor visa, their entering and re-entering the country will depend on the visa grant.

Q7. What Should I Do If I Have a Criminal Record? Can I Still Apply for the Visitor Visa?

Applicants who have an illegal record will not be eligible to apply for the E-Visitor visa. But the reliable visitor visa Lawyer Perth has said that people with criminal records can apply for the “visitor visa”. One must provide the Australian Immigration Department with more information, and the visa might get granted based on a case-by-case decision.

Q8. There is No Visa Label On My Passport. Do I Have to Get One?

In short, no. one doesn’t require a visa label or sticker, but they have to arrange his/her visa. At present, the country is moving forward to a label-free system. Once the visa gets approved, the applicants will receive a confirmation email.

Visa confirmation emails are approval letters, but they don’t have any sticker or label on them. So, one doesn’t have to visit the Diplomatic Office in Australia for it. Individuals can speak with the visitor visa Lawyer on such matters to receive a proper and clear understanding.

Q9. I am a New Zealand Citizen. Do I Need a Visitor Visa to Enter Australia?

When a person is entering Australia from New Zealand, has a New Zealand passport, and has no medical issues or criminal records, he/she doesn’t require a visitor visa or an e-visitor subclass 651 visa requirements. Instead, these individuals will become qualified for the “Special Category Visa”.

This visa will be granted to a person once they arrive in Australia, and he/she will not need to arrange for a visa when they leave the country. But if one is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, they have to arrange for a visa right before entering the country.

The majority of airlines will not let people board a plane if they don’t have a proper visa. Please contact the visitor visa Lawyer Perth if he/she is a New Zealand citizen and has a criminal record. They can offer their guidance on such matters.


Australian visitor visas are not extendable past their initial validity since condition 8503 – “no further stay” is inherent. The applicant must apply for a new visa to stay longer. However, it is better to consult an experienced and informed immigration visa lawyer to understand the visitor visa FAQs better.

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