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Q1. Does anyone require a medical examination regarding Working Holiday Visa?

The entire applicants are needed to fulfill the criteria of health. There are a few circumstances where the applicants need to goes through an examination of health. An x-ray would be necessary if the applicants have spent more than 2 consecutive months in the last few years in countries that are considered to have high issues of health regarding tuberculosis. Moreover, the applicants might have to face a test of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV. This is needed mainly when the applicants want to work in the industry of health care. Depending on the situation the government of Australia could order for further tests regarding health. Further information could be achieved by the individual if he/ she communicates with the migration lawyer Perth.

Q2. What are the requirements of the financial matter of the Working Holiday Visa?

The applicant must have adequate funds access for surviving the initial holiday stage in Australia. The applicant might have to show evidence regarding this for the satisfaction of the officials of immigration. Evidence might be comprised of bank statement certified copy and at least a single air ticket not of Australia. More information could be gathered regarding this from the visa lawyer.

Q3. How long a person could stay in Australia on A working holiday visa?

Visa for working holiday type provides the applicant to live in Australia for 1 year from the time period when the visa is granted. The applicants are allowed to live in Australia for 1 year after he/ she put the foot on Australia. The individuals are permitted to go out of Australia and again come back numerous times in this period. However, the number of days spent outside Australia are not recoverable by the individuals in any way. Migration lawyers could provide more knowledge regarding these matters.

Q4. Is it necessary to have the label in the passport of the applicant?

The applicants would not normally require to have a label of visa placed in the passport unless the immigration department compels the person for so. This is due to the fact that visa is generally electronically linked to the details of passport in the application of visa. It is also true that the visa for working holiday type might consist of a label of visa placed in the passport. This might be beneficiary to show the ability that the applicant has the full authority to be an employer in Australia. These sorts of knowledge could be gathered by the best migration lawyer.

Q5. Is it possible to study in the visa of working holiday type?

Holders of working holiday visas are allowed to train or study for 120 days.

Q6. Is it necessary to have travel or health insurance?

Australia’s medical treatment is very costly which might not be afforded by the visitor’s. Hence, it would be recommended to the visitor to carry both travel and health insurance.

Q7. What is superannuation?

If the monthly income of the holder of working holiday visa is more than 450 Australian dollar in Australia then the staff must contribute a similar amount equivalent to 9% of the income into an account of superannuation type for the visitors. Australians basically could not access such sorts of contributions until the age of retirement.

Q8. Is it possible to apply for the visa of working holiday type after getting Subclass 462?

No, it is not possible for working holiday visa application after receiving Subclass 462. Previously it was possible to have a visa of two types like Subclass 417 and Subclass 462. Currently, it is not possible to have such facilities.

Q9. Meaning of specified workers in regional Australia?

Specified work definition comprised of jobs in primary type of industries like animal and plant cultivation, pearling and fishing, construction and mining. The entire list could be derived by consulting with the immigration lawyer.

Q10. Are there any other methods to signify the applicant’s validity of visas to the employers?

The applicant must be aware of the service of EVO (Entitlement Verification Online) which permits the employers (third parties) to check the information of visa. However, it is only possible to do so when the applicant’s consent is with the above-mentioned process. This is done by providing the employer’s number of passport, birth date, name.

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