Similarities and Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Work Visa

November 16, 2022    Migration Lawyer Perth
Similarities and Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Work Visa

Australia is considered to have the second largest migrant workforce in the OECD, and many people arrive in Australia to work temporarily and permanently. This is why top officials were concerned that temporary or permanent visa holders closing their borders could affect the economy.

Some were concerned if the temporary work visa or permanent visa holders who cannot leave Australia due to the pandemic could support themselves. So, if you are planning to come to Australia for any business purpose, you must apply for either a temporary or permanent work visa. In this guide, you will learn more about both types of work visas, including the differences between them.

Period of Stay –

This is one of the differences between a temporary and a permanent work visa. The duration of stay is more in permanent work visas compared to temporary work visas. Temporary visas like temporary skill-shortage visas (482 visas), working holiday visas, or student visas can permit the visa holder to reside in Australia for some time with some restricted working conditions.

But in a permanent work visa or a residency visa such as a partner visa, employer-nominated visa subclass 186/187 can let the visa holder stay permanently in Australia with less restricted working conditions. This indicates that the temporary visa holders will have to either leave Australia or apply for another visa after the expiry of their temporary visas.

For instance, you can apply for a subclass 187 or 186 visa after your temporary skills shortage visa subclass 482 Australian visa expires. But permanent visa holders can stay as long as they want in Australia or apply for citizenship after the expiry of their permanent visas. Applicants can apply for citizenship only if they meet the relevant criteria.

Benefits and Rights –

As there are different forms of temporary and permanent Australian visas, there are different types of rights and benefits associated with each visa. Though an Australian permanent visa offers more rights to applicants, there are certain rights you can find in temporary visas too. For instance, permanent Australian residents will have unrestricted working conditions and will also be given government payments.

But in the case of temporary residents, they will have limited working conditions and will not be able to claim any government payments. Most temporary and permanent visas can let you bring your family members to Australia with you as part of the visa application. These family members will be able to work, study and also become eligible for citizenship and visa renewal depending on the conditions placed on the visa grant.

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Whether you want to apply for a temporary work visa or a permanent visa in Australia, you must know the differences between the two. Read the guide above to learn more about the differences between both types of visas.
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