Seasonal Work Visa – Eligibility Criteria, Application Process & More

February 3, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Seasonal Work Visa –  Eligibility Criteria, Application Process & More

There are many people who wish to come to Australia, but a visa is needed for that. If you are coming to Australia on a temporary basis, it is best to opt for a seasonal work visa; the seasonal work program stream falls under subclass 403 or the benefits of a temporary work visa.

This visa allows people who are residents or citizens of one of the pacific islands to come to Australia and temporarily work for Australian employees who have failed to find local people to work for them. In this blog, you will learn more about seasonal work visas.

What Is the Eligibility for a Seasonal Work Visa?

To be eligible for this Australian visa, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be a citizen or a resident of either Nauru, Kiribati, Fiji, Samoa, New Guinea, Tonga, Solomon Islands or Tuvalu.
  • You have to be invited and sponsored by an approved activities sponsor in Australia.
  • You must be endorsed by the Education Department of Australia, Skills and Employment.
  • You must be over 21 years of age.
  • To be able to apply for this visa, you must not have had any previous Australian visa application cancelled or refused.
  • You must meet the genuine temporary stay requirement.
  • You must meet the specific health and character requirements.

Australian employers who desire to sponsor international applicants have to ensure that they are approved Temporary Activities Sponsors and should only look to recruit workers for the eligible industries. Any employer being a Temporary Activities Sponsor will stay in place for around five years.

Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme and also the Pacific Labour Scheme are under the Pacific Australian Labour Mobility (PALM). It can help offer employers with proper access to the seasonal labour in specific industries that are under the agricultural sector.

Seasonal Visa Application Process –

In the case of this temporary work visa, the visa applicant has to be outside of Australia when applying for this visa and when particular decisions are made on the visa. It is essential for you and others to know that family members cannot be included in this visa application.

What is the duration of a Seasonal Work Visa?

As a seasonal work visa is a temporary visa, the visa holders might have no further stay condition on their visa. This indicates that unless they are able to relinquish the further no-stay condition, they may not be able to live longer in Australia or extend their stay in the beautiful country.

This visa can either be for nine months for seasonal work or from one to three years in case of longer-term roles. But for this, the visa applicants must show that they have a genuine reason or intention to stay in the land of kangaroos temporarily.

What Are the Conditions?

The seasonal work visa holders have to continue to be employed by their sponsor (this indicates that they will not be able to work for any other Australian employer). They will only do the work in the industry that is covered by the visa and comply with each visa’s conditions and Australian laws.

What Are the Obligations of a Sponsor?

Employers-sponsored visa Application process to have specific obligations that include the following:

  • They must cooperate with the inspectors who are appointed under the Migration Act 1958 (The Act), which includes providing access to premises and providing and producing documents. It is also important to allow them to inspect work.
  • They must keep the records and also provide records and information when needed to
  • They must inform Australia’s Department of Home Affairs about particular events. Events like a visa holder do not need to participate in the program, position or activity for which the visa was granted.

The Seasonal Worker Program Stream

On the 4th of April, 2022, the Seasonal Worker Program stream was closed to any new applications and was replaced by the Temporary Work (International Relations) subclass 4013 visa (Pacific Australia Labour Mobility or PALM stream). When you have this visa, you can do seasonal work for any approved Temporary Activities Stream.

How Long Can You Stay On This Temporary Visa?

As this work visa is a temporary visa, you can only remain in Australia for the period that is specified in your visa grant notice, which could be up to nine months. This is basically going to be your employment length in the beautiful country of Australia. The visa will begin on the date you first enter Australia, and only your visa grant letter can tell you when the visa will be valid.

What Are Your Obligations?

The following are your obligations:

  • You must continue to be employed by your sponsor
  • You must only be engaged in the work that is covered by your visa.
  • You must look only to work for your sponsor and not anyone else.
  • You must follow all the visa conditions and also all the Australian laws.

Sufficient Health Insurance

As a visa applicant, you must have sufficient arrangements in Australia for health insurance for the period when the applicant stays in Australia. This is an important requirement that you must not forget.

1. Travel

The seasonal work visa will be granted to you with multiple entries, which indicates that you may be able to travel outside the country and also return during your seasonal work period. But, you must notify your employer if you wish to depart Australia before the end of your employment.

2. Visa Outcome

You have to stay outside of Australia when your visa application is being decided; the concerned officials will let you know their decision in writing. If your visa is granted, they will tell you the following:

  • Your visa stay period
  • Your visa grant number
  • Your visa conditions
  • The expiry date of your visa
  • Your approved sponsor

It is important that you keep a copy of the decision; if the concerned officials refuse your visa, they will tell you the following:

3. The reason behind the refusal of the visa

If you have any specific working rights to review your visa decision
They will not return back the application fee if they refuse or reject your visa application.

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