Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 Application Process

June 7, 2024    Migration Lawyer Perth
Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 Application Process

How does it feel when all your loved ones are settled in Australia while you are residing alone in your country?

In such a scenario, you, too, must be hoping to join them soon. This is where the Australian Home of Affairs facilitates Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 for you to join your family.

With this Subclass visa 115, you can relocate to Australia to live with your relative who is a settled Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. This is a great initiative by the Australian government to reunite with your family members.

This visa will allow you to live in Australia for an indefinite period and travel in and out of Australia for 5 years. You’ll be eligible to work and study in Australia and enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, let’s explore how you can initiate the application process for Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 and soon be eligible to join your loved ones in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 115 Visa Application Process

  • In case you and your partner’s only near relatives are settled in Australia.
  • The eligible relative must sponsor your family members along with you if they are included in the application.
  • You have someone in Australia who can assure Support (AoS)
  • You along with the members of the family have to meet all the character and health requirements.

Application Process for Subclass 115 Visa

To initiate the Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 application process, you must go through the following steps:

  • Preparation and Accumulation of Required Documents: To initiate the application process, you’re required to collect all the needed documents, like documents related to identity, finances, and relationships.
  • Completion of the Application Form:  An application form is required to be filled out as an applicant by you.
  • Submission of the Application: The next step is to apply by post to the parent visa processing centre in Perth.
  • The Payment of Visa Application Charges: At the time of application submission, the required application charges must be filled out.
  • Medical Examination: You’re required to undergo the complete process of health examinations and provide police certificates as required.
  • Assurance of Support: Your sponsor or assurer will be required to provide an AoS before granting the visa.

You are required to wait for the processing as it can vary. However, you’ll be kept updated about the process and informed in case additional requirements are needed during this period.

Required Documents for Visa Subclass 115 Processing:

The documents required for meeting the remaining relative visa subclass 115 eligibility criteria  based on category are as follows:

1. Identity Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • Change of Name documents ( in case applicable)

2. Relationship Documents

  • Provide evidence of a relationship between you as the applicant and your relative as the sponsor, such as birth certifications or adoption papers.
  • Evidence of your near relative as a sponsor’s Australian citizenship, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizenship.

3. Financial Documents

  • Your evidence of income, assets, or any other finance-related resources.
  • Evidence of the payment of the visa application charge.

4. Assurance of Support

  • Provide evidence that your sponsor is financially capable of supporting you.
  • It is mandatory to lodge the AoS with the Department of Human  Services.

5. Character Documents

You are required to provide police certificates for the applicant and any family members included in the application from every country where they have travelled and lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years.

6. Health Documents

After initiating the remaining relative visa subclass 115 application process, you and other family members included as applicants are required to have thorough health examinations.

Apart from these documents, certain additional documents may be required if it’s applicable in your case, like the Military service records if you hold any, Evidence of dependency, and Evidence of Custody arrangements.

Summing Up!

The subclass 115 visa is a great source of opportunity to unite with your loved ones who are settled in Australia. However, being aware of the eligibility criteria and application process can be a complex task. This is where a migration lawyer in Perth comes to your aid. These professional experts help you guide through the entire application process and create a pathway to join your dear ones in Australia.

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