Investor Visa Subclass 891 – Application Process and Visa Requirements

December 22, 2023    Migration Lawyer Perth
Investor Visa Subclass 891 – Application Process and Visa Requirements

This visa allows immigrants to start or undertake any initiatives in establishments in Australian provinces. With this visa, one can stay permanently in Australia without any legal restrictions.

Let’s discuss the investor subclass 891 visa and its benefits regarding the business frameworks of Australia.

What Is Investor Visa Subclass 891?

Investor visa subclass 891 provides accessibility to individuals who want to make their living through businesses or other establishments in Australia. This visa is a gateway to permanent residency in Australia and will provide all the benefits for their families and close ones.

The investor visa subclass 891 also enrols in the Australian public health scheme for immigrants who want to apply for this visa. It also allows the flexibility of travelling from Australia to other nations without any issues.

The visa has several different benefits that can be utilized by the immigrants who want to apply for the visa. First of all, it will provide citizenship in Australia, and the immigrants can do their business all over the Australian provinces. This visa generally entitles the immigrants to benefit from different health schemes that are insured by the Australian government.

It allows immigrants to get home loans for buying any property in the lands of Australia. Other than all these facilities, the visa also grants permission to work in any sector of Australia without any restrictions.

Requirements for an Investor Visa Subclass 891

The different requirements for an investor visa application will be discussed in this section.

  • To apply for an investor visa subclass 891, the immigrant must be a legal holder of Subclass 162.
  • Individuals must submit important documents regarding the business and other investments as proof for the application process.
  • They provide the documents to the immigration department regarding the accurate value statements of Australian legislation regarding their business operations.
  • Immigrants should have a clean and clear-cut background and must not have any record of previously rejected or refused visa applications. Any sort of rejected visa application determines that they have any kind of problem with the documents.
  • Individuals must consult with the clearance office regarding any sort of dues or pending payments to any Australian public or private sector.
  • They should not have any sort of organization or practices that are not legal as per the guidelines of the Australian government. Other than that, if they hold a clean and clear business record, then they can be eligible for the visa process.
  • Keeping a clean and clear record determines the maintenance of Australian value systems. For any sort of problems, you can consult with the investor visa lawyer in Perth for any sort of legal aid before starting the visa application process.
  • The individual must be a resident of Australia for at least 2 years before starting the application process. The migration lawyer will ask in the first place whether the person has lived in Australia for 2 years or not. This determines whether they are aware of all the legal and official complexities of Australian legislation.
  • Applicants must not have any sort of serious medical situations or other problems that require special medical attention. If anyone has any sort of disease or disorder that requires any sort of special care, then they can’t be eligible for the visa application process.
  • The applicants must own a business that is a minimum of 4 years old, and it should be accredited as per the rules and guidelines of the Australian government. After getting all the clearance, they are required to sign the value statement of the Australian government immigration department.
  • Family members above 18 years of age must provide a duly signed, well-documented character certificate for the clearance department. This will show whether the individual member has been accused or convicted previously. If there is any such case, then the embassy will directly reject the visa application.

How to Apply for Investor Visa Subclass 891?

The steps to apply for the visa will be discussed here in detail.

Step 1:

Checking The eligibility criteria for the application process. Each interested applicant must ensure to meet all the criteria for the visa application. It is the most crucial step regarding the visa application process. Without meeting the eligibility criteria, the immigration office will not accept the application.

Step 2:

Interested applicants must arrange the requirements for submitting to the visa offices. These include age-proofing documents, educational credentials, residential proofs, and business details alongside the investment details. The office will do a scrutiny of all these documents and will check whether the documents are eligible for visa application processes.

Step 3:

The immigrants must start the application process either by offline or online. They can physically visit the immigration office for application, or they can apply online by visiting the official website. Visa application is a time-consuming process and there will be proper scrutiny of all the documents during the application process. After the application, the applicants will call for an interview for ultimate clearance of visa.

Step 4:

The applicants have to wait to check the status of the visa. Visa processing is a time-consuming process, and therefore, the applicants have to wait patiently for the outcome of the visa. Accepting the visa depends on various factors, and the officials go through all those factors before accepting the application.


The Investor Visa subclass 891 provides permanent residency to immigrants as well as the establishment of any sort of business in Australia. But before applying for the visa, they must consult with the Migration Lawyer Perth WA for accurate guidelines that are required for framing the application process for the investor 891 visa.

The immigrants can get several benefits from this visa, including the sponsorship of their relative’s travel to Australia and financial aid for pursuing higher studies. Other than these, they can travel freely to other countries from Australia, either for business or other purposes.

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