Has Your Application For An Australian Visa Got Cancelled? Get Legal Help

March 30, 2020    migrationlawyerperthwa   
Has Your Application For An Australian Visa Got Cancelled? Get Legal Help

Nothing can be a more pleasurable experience other than working in Australia with a substantial Australian visa. But, when you face an abrupt dismissal of your Australian visa, nothing can be a worse experience apart from that. However, a person does not face the sudden refusal/cancellation of his/her Australian visa just like that, and, there are some essential reasons which contribute to this particular situation. However, the best migration lawyer Perth will try to evaluate the most crucial factors which led to an unexpected dismissal of your Australian visa, and, will try to bring the entire case in your favour at the court of law, so, that you continue staying in Australia in a hassle-free manner.

Essential reasons for Australian visa dismissal

Some of the most important reasons which can result in the sudden refusal/cancellation of your Australian visa can be considered as follows:

  • Violation of any of the conditions of your Australian visa
  • Breaking up with your de facto or marital partner
  • Termination from the current job which you are doing in Australia
  • Provision of insufficient information
  • Provision of incorrect information
  • Failure to meet the health/character requirements to name just a few

So, if your Australian visa has been cancelled/refused as well, the best visa lawyer in Perth can help you to get over your visa dismissal issue in the best possible way.

Types of visa refusals/cancellations

There are primarily three sections in which the refusal/cancellation of your Australian visa has been divided, namely, the Appeals, Cancellation as well as Refusals.

  • Appeals: It may be the case that your Australian visa gets refused/cancelled for a single reason or a number of reasons. When that is the case, you can go for a legal consultation with a proficient immigration lawyer in Perth. Remember, that your lawyer will help you in the best possible to apply to the Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations Appeals to get over your visa dismissal issue within the fastest period of time.
  • Cancellation: This includes the cancellation of your Australian visa, in case, you have violated any of the legal rules and regulations pertaining to it. In such cases, the Department of Home Affairs asks you to leave the country within a certain time-frame.
  • Refusals: This includes the unexpected rejection of your Australian visa by the Australian immigration department. A number of reasons can contribute to this particular situation including submission of incorrect or inadequate documents etc.

A professional immigration lawyer in Perth can get you professional legal assistance in case your Australian visa been dismissed for any of the circumstances mentioned above.

When should you hire an immigration lawyer in Perth?

It is not always the case that you must appoint a competent immigration lawyer in Perth, but, only when your visa gets cancelled/refused due to a couple of inexplicable reasons. The best immigration lawyer in Perth will help you to identify the exact reasons which finally led to the unexpected refusal/cancellation of your Australian visa. After identifying a few these reasons back to back, your lawyer will document all the essential proofs to present them to the court of law, so that you can overcome your visa refusal/cancellation issue smoothly as well as quickly.

Appoint an affordable lawyer

If you are thinking that hiring the best immigration lawyer in Perth will have you to pay expensive fees, then you are completely wrong. For, these lawyers fight their clients’ cases against the most affordable fees options. Every year a lot of clients facing an issue of refusal/cancellation of their Australian visas approach these lawyers for the cost-effective legal services they provide. The only reason behind this is the endeavours these lawyers make to get the best of their legal services against the most affordable fees options.

Appeal to the AAT effortlessly

There are certain visa cancellation/refusal issues for which you may need to lodge an application to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT), and, only the best immigration lawyer in Perth can help you do that. So, it is strongly recommended to go for a migration lawyer consultation session, and your immigration lawyer is the best person to tell you that whether your visa refusal/cancellation issue needs to be presented to the AAT via an application or not.

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