Working Holiday Visa is the best option for the ones who want to earn money while travelling through Australia. This not only let you explore Australia and earn money but will also improve your skills and making your CV more preferable to the employers back in your home country. If you also with to visit Australia and work simultaneously than Working Holiday Visa is ideal for you.

To travel around the huge nation and its beautiful touristic places you will need a lot of cash hence working in the country while holidaying with Australian Working Visa is the best earn some money and make the most out there.

This visa lets you stay is Australia for a year if you are aged between 18-31 years. It is a temporary visa which is designed to boost the cultural relationship between Australia and eligible countries. Applicants can stay in Australia for a year; work for two different employers for six months with each employer.

The applicants must fulfil the basic requirements of the Working Holiday Visa along with the health and character requirements. They must also hold a valid visa from an eligible country to apply for the working holiday visa for Australia.

Categories of Working Holiday Visa:

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

Young individuals who would want to holiday and work simultaneously to support themselves financially while exploring Australia can apply for Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417. This Visa entitles you to live in Australia for a year and work for six months with a single employer (If you stay for 12 months you have to change the employer). The applicant must be more than 18 and less than 31 to become eligible for this visa and may leave Australia any number of times during the valid visa period.

Work and Holiday Visa subclass 462

The holders of Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 are allowed to visit Australia for holiday and work for a year. Applicants of (18-31 age) must not have a dependent child along with them during their stay. They can apply for study for duration of four months in the country depending on certain eligibility factors.

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